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TCM in September: Highlights

Summer is sadly just about over, but there's a great month ahead on Turner Classic Movies as we edge closer to fall!

Dean Martin is the September Star of the Month.

22 Martin films will be shown spread across Wednesday evenings this month, including favorites such as RIO BRAVO (1959) on September 12th and BELLS ARE RINGING (1960) on the 5th. There will not be a separate Star of the Month post for September.

The TCM Spotlight on Tuesdays and Thursdays will focus on "The Black Experience on Film," including "African-American Musicals," "Hollywood Confronts Racism," and "Black Romance in Film."

Saturday morning programming will feature early '40s Tim Holt RKO Westerns, the continuation (from July) of the serial TAILSPIN TOMMY IN THE GREAT AIR MYSTERY (1935), and the Gordon Scott Tarzan films; the Saint series will begin the last Saturday in September with THE SAINT IN NEW YORK (1938).

The month's Noir Alley titles are Laraine Day, Robert Mitchum, and Brian Aherne in THE LOCKET (1946) on September 1st and 2nd; Steve Brodie, Audrey Long, and Raymond Burr in Anthony Mann's DESPERATE (1947) on September 8th and 9th; Robert Mitchum, Jean Simmons, and Mona Freeman in ANGEL FACE (1953), airing September 15th-16th; Loretta Young, Orson Welles, and Edward G. Robinson in THE STRANGER (1946) on September 22nd and 23rd; and Barry Sullivan, Belita, and Joan Lorring in THE GANGSTER (1947) on September 29th and October 1st.

All three of the noir titles I've seen are good; I particularly enjoy DESPERATE, which may be a minor film but has the charming Audrey Long -- the blonde seen at left with Carol Forman -- and the reliably creepy Raymond Burr. I've seen and enjoyed it multiple times. (As for why I've not yet seen ANGEL FACE or THE GANGSTER, I keep delaying in hopes I'll see them for the first time at a film noir festival!)

Also of particular note in September is a September 30th showing of the WWII film NONE SHALL ESCAPE (1944), starring Marsha Hunt and Alexander Knox, which recently screened at the TCM Classic Film Festival, and September 9th screenings of the documentaries DAWSON CITY: FROZEN TIME (2016) and FRAGMENTS: SURVIVING PIECES OF LOST FILMS (2011).

Below are a few of this month's additional TCM highlights. Click any hyperlinked title to read the corresponding film review and learn more about the cast.

...Before THE LOCKET tonight, September 1st, there's a double bill of highly entertaining pirate movies: Tyrone Power and Maureen O'Hara in THE BLACK SWAN (1942), pictured at the right, and Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland in CAPTAIN BLOOD (1935).

...I first saw INTERNATIONAL VELVET (1979) on TV while on a college trip to London in the early '80s. It's always stuck with me, though it's been many years since I took a second look. Christopher Plummer, Anthony Hopkins, and Nanette Newman star along with Tatum O'Neal. It's on Sunday, September 2nd.

...The AFI Life Achievement Award special honoring George Clooney airs on September 3rd, along with a showing of his film UP IN THE AIR (2009).

...A day of hotel themed films on September 4th includes the evergreen HOLIDAY INN (1942) with Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, and Marjorie Reynolds, plus a score of Irving Berlin classics.

...I can't resist recording SON OF SINBAD (1954) with Dale Robertson and Sally Forrest. Sounds like fun to me! Airing on September 5th.

...Last year I reviewed the interesting drama OIL FOR THE LAMPS OF CHINA (1935), which is being shown on September 6th. Pat O'Brien and Josephine Hutchinson star. It's part of a fun "Family vs. Career" themed day which also includes Spencer Tracy and Hedy Lamarr in I TAKE THIS WOMAN (1940), Clark Gable and Myrna Loy in MEN IN WHITE (1934), and Robert Taylor and Elisabeth Mueller in THE POWER AND THE PRIZE (1956).

...Very early on September 7th there's a double bill of films starring Claude Jarman Jr., who celebrates his 84th birthday on September 27th. The movies are INTRUDER IN THE DUST (1949), which I recently purchased, and a favorite Western, ROUGHSHOD (1949), also starring Robert Sterling and Gloria Grahame.

...Later on the 7th, John Hodiak, Lucille Ball, and Lloyd Nolan are quite enjoyable in Jules Dassin's TWO SMART PEOPLE (1946). Hodiak and Ball play con artists who fall in love, with Nolan a genial police detective.

...Ball turns up again on the 8th in another minor film I'd like to check out, VALLEY OF THE SUN (1942) with James Craig.

...And even more obscure Lucille Ball on September 10th! Catch her in A GIRL, A GUY, AND A GOB (1941), costarring George Murphy and Edmond O'Brien. It's part of a seven-film birthday tribute to O'Brien.

...A September 11th "close quarters" theme on challenging apartment living includes a big favorite, THE VOICE OF THE TURTLE (1947), usually shown on TCM under its alternate TV title, ONE FOR THE BOOK. Eleanor Parker plays a lovelorn miss and Ronald Reagan the charming soldier who "crashes" on her sofa. Completely delightful!

...The wonderfully themed day The Algonquin Round Table Goes Hollywood on September 12th includes THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER (1941). Check out TCM's page on the day's movies for additional titles and much more info.

...There's a wonderful six-film birthday tribute to Claudette Colbert on September 13th. I've seen all but one of the films airing that day and they're all worthwhile, but I'd particularly like to recommend the underrated comedy WITHOUT RESERVATIONS (1946), also starring John Wayne and Don DeFore.

...September 14th features several films with the leading ladies wearing gowns designed by Adrian. I'm particularly fond of NO MORE LADIES (1935), starring Joan Crawford and Robert Montgomery.

...The theme on the night of September 15th is "Contagious!" featuring a pair of terrific films from 1950, PANIC IN THE STREETS (1950) with Richard Widmark and Paul Douglas, plus Evelyn Keyes as THE KILLER THAT STALKED NEW YORK (1950).

...September 18th features some wonderful films photographed by the great Nicholas Musuraca. This is a day one could easily never move from the couch! I'd particularly like to single out the noir-tinged Western BLOOD ON THE MOON (1948), as it's not shown that often and is a wonderful movie. Robert Mitchum, Barbara Bel Geddes, Robert Preson, and Walter Brennan star.

...I like Jean Parker and have never seen LAZY RIVER (1934), costarring Robert Young, so my DVR will be set for that on September 19th!

...I remember CLAUDINE (1974) being advertised theatrically when I was young and have always been curious about it. Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones star, as part of the TCM Spotlight series on September 20th.

..."Genie in a Bottle" movies on September 21st kick off with the very colorful and entertaining A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS (1945), starring Cornel Wilde, Evelyn Keyes, and Adele Jergens. Keep a close eye on Princess Jergens' handmaidens, who include Nina Foch, Shelley Winters, Jeff Donnell, Janis Carter, and Dusty Anderson.

...What a treat on September 23rd, with TCM showing a pair of British films featuring Anna Neagle and Michael Wilding! The titles are SPRING IN PARK LANE (1948) and MAYTIME IN MAYFAIR (1949).

..."Lawyers of the 1930s" on September 24th includes several good-looking films. The Warner Bros. "B" movie ON TRIAL (1939) with John Litel, Margaret Lindsay, and James Stephenson sounds like my kind of film!

...Pre-Codes on the 27th include Kay Johnson and Reginald Denny in the marvelously wacky MADAM SATAN (1930) and Barbara Stanwyck in the classic BABY FACE (1933).

...NINE LIVES ARE NOT ENOUGH (1941) is a fun 63-minute exemplar of the Warner Bros. "B" film, starring Ronald Reagan and a terrific cast. It's on September 28th. The next film on the schedule, GAMBLING ON THE HIGH SEAS (1940), is fun too, starring Jane Wyman and Wayne Morris.

...I just saw MY SISTER EILEEN (1955) last weekend at UCLA. Why not take the opportunity to check out this musical choregraphed by and costarring Bob Fosse? He's seen in this photo with costars Betty Garrett, Janet Leigh, and Jack Lemmon. Tommy Rall also appears in the film and shares a great dance number with Fosse. The air date is September 29th.

...My DVR will definitely be set on September 30th for NONE SHALL ESCAPE (1944) on September 30th, starring Marsha Hunt and Alexander Knox. This film has been shown locally a couple of times but I've never managed to see it. It sounds like a difficult yet fascinating WWII film.

For more on the TCM schedule in September 2018, please visit my Quick Preview of TCM in September along with the complete online schedule.


Blogger Jerry Entract said...

You may find "NONE SHALL ESCAPE" a difficult watch, Laura, but it is a worthwhile and quite powerful movie. Look forward to reading your thoughts.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Caftan Woman said...

Holy mackerel! What a wonderful mix of movies and themes.

I remember well your Roughshod review. Blood on the Moon is tops with me. Never pass up the chance to see it.

Son of Sinbad does look like fun. Gotta record that one.

Time to dust off my Dean Martin albums (that's right, albums).

Happy Labour Day!

3:08 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Jerry, thanks so mcuh for the recommendation!

Caftan Woman, definitely a couple great Westerns on TCM this month. SON OF SINBAD is now in my DVR! Like you, I have Dean Martin albums, plural!! In fact I have enough that I'm not even sure of the number LOL. Just recorded his film TEN THOUSAND BEDROOMS this week which I've never seen -- good cast!

Best wishes,

12:14 AM  

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