Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Upcoming Disney Books

It's time for the annual look at upcoming Disney books! There are a number of interesting new Disney titles coming out this fall and winter.

Due out today, September 11th, is WALT DISNEY'S DISNEYLAND by Chris Nichols, published by Taschen. This book, weighing in at over 6-1/2 pounds and 350 pages, is described on the Taschen site as a "beautiful visual history"; that's certainly correct if the sample photos on the Taschen site are anything to go by. I anticipate receiving my copy in the near future!

September 16th Update: Like many others who preordered WALT DISNEY'S DISNEYLAND, I was perplexed when after last week's release date Amazon said it would not ship until as far out as November. Happily I learned there was a book signing scheduled today at the Disneyana store in Disneyland. It cost a little more there, but it wasn't too bad with my Annual Passholder discount, and it was worth paying a premium to obtain the book immediately and have it signed. At first glance the book is beautiful! A manager in Disneyana said that the book had already gone into a second printing to meet high demand. I had a feeling they hadn't printed enough...

Coming September 25th: THE ART OF WALT DISNEY'S MICKEY MOUSE by Jessica Ward for Disney Editions Deluxe.

The book I'm especially excited about this year is FROM ALL OF US TO ALL OF YOU: THE DISNEY CHRISTMAS CARD by Disney historian Jeff Kurtti for Disney Editions Deluxe, due out October 2nd. I'm anticipating a visual feast from this one; the cover alone is glorious.

Also from Kurtti and Disney Editions Deluxe, PRACTICALLY POPPINS IN EVERY WAY: A MAGIC CARPETBAG OF COUNTLESS WONDERS is coming on November 6th. Timed to coincide with the release of MARY POPPINS RETURNS (2018) this Christmas, the book appears to cover the complete history of MARY POPPINS, from books to the classic 1964 film to Disney's new movie.

WINDOWS ON DISNEY'S MAIN STREET, U.S.A. by Chuck Snyder, releasing from Disney Deluxe Editions on October 9th, appears to be a much more elaborate take on a subject Snyder covered in a small 2009 paperback, WINDOWS ON MAIN STREET. Each Disney park pays tribute to company and park history via these beautiful windows. (2021 Update: This book has yet to be released, and according to Amazon it is currently slated for publication in 2022.)

The 2014 book MAIN STREET WINDOWS by Jeff Heimbuch also looks at Disney's tribute windows.

Releasing on November 13th: KEM WEBER: MID-CENTURY FURNITURE DESIGNS FOR THE DISNEY STUDIOS by David Bossert, author of OSWALD THE LUCKY RABBIT: THE SEARCH FOR THE LOST DISNEY CARTOONS; the publisher is The Old Mill Press. The variety of topics covered in Disney history books never ceases to amaze me! (Update: Amazon has changed the release date for this title to November 30th.)

Thanks to fellow Disney fan Dan Cunningham for letting me know about MICKEY MOUSE: THE GREATEST ADVENTURES, due out from Fantagraphics on November 20th. The book is a "greatest hits" of Mickey Mouse comics; with color illustrations, I anticipate this book will be a visual treat.

Coming from the University Press of Mississippi on January 15, 2019: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF WARD KIMBALL: MAVERICK OF DISNEY ANIMATION by Todd James Pierce.

And here's one I missed which came out this spring, LIFE INSIDE THE DISNEY PARKS: THE HAPPIEST PLACES ON EARTH from the editors of LIFE magazine.

Finally, for those who may be interested in the trend of coloring books for adults, check out ART OF COLORING: POSTER ART OF THE DISNEY PARKS, which came out this summer. It contains three dozen postcard-sized posters. Credited to Walt Disney Imagineering, it appears to have been inspired by the terrific 2012 book POSTER ART OF THE DISNEY PARKS by Vanessa Hunt and Danny Handke.

Lots of great reading ahead for Disney fans!

Check out these posts for more terrific Disney books released in the last couple of years: Upcoming Disney Books (June 2016); Upcoming Disney Books (May 2017).

March 2020 Update: Recent and Upcoming Disney Books.


Blogger Seth said...

Looks like WALT DISNEY'S DISNEYLAND is pretty popular; today's shipping estimate from Amazon is 1 to 2 months. Maybe I should have preordered it. The Kem Weber and Ward Kimball books look pretty interesting, too. Thanks for the list.

6:28 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi Seth! I preordered WALT DISNEY'S DISNEYLAND and Amazon currently says it's not sure when it will ship to me. I also noticed they bumped the release date from 9/11 to 9/12. I'm curious when it will actually get here!

Don't those other books look great?!

PS I haven't forgotten about the Disney Museum post! (grin) So much to watch, read, and write, so little time... ;)

Best wishes,

7:35 PM  
Blogger Seth said...

Just seeing your September 16 update. Glad you got a copy. The book’ price on Amazon today is nearly $15 above the preorder price and back to a 1-2 month shipping estimate. I can find it much cheaper in other places, and just might order it soon.

As for your WDFM review, how’s this for a deadline challenge: Post it before I make my return visit on December 1!

8:28 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi again Seth!

Really glad I got the book too -- at least I paid less than the current price at Amazon! I hope you're able to get it soon. :)

LOL I like that challenge and will do my best to meet it! What is your trip itinerary? I'd love to return to the museum.

Best wishes,

10:38 PM  
Blogger Seth said...

I'm spending a few days in the Bay Area that weekend to visit some tiki places and revisit the Museum. I've wanted to go in December to see the Christmas exhibits; the Nine Old Men exhibit looks great. I'm also interested in checking out the Dickens Fair while I'm in town, and maybe I'll get to some classic movie places, too.

8:34 PM  

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