Tuesday, September 03, 2019

The 2019 D23 Expo: Walt Disney Archives Costume Exhibit

On our final day at the 2019 D23 Expo we enjoyed taking in two different costume exhibits.

The first exhibit was from Walt Disney Archives, and it was particularly enjoyable to me as a chance to see gowns from two of my favorite Disney films of more "recent" vintage, ENCHANTED (2007) and CINDERELLA (2015).

What a treat to see Lily James' beautiful blue ball gown!

I loved the opportunity to get a very close look at the layers and the detail work.

A crown of jeweled flowers James wore in the movie:

Helena Bonham-Carter's Fairy Godmother costume:

The "rags" James wore before Cinderella was transformed by her Fairy Godmother:

And finally, the costumes worn by Cate Blanchett, Sophie McShera, and Holliday Grainger as Lady Tremaine and her daughters:

The carriage which took Cinderella to the ball:

Here's the wedding gown Amy Adams wore as Giselle in ENCHANTED, when instead of marrying Prince Edward she found herself unexpectedly transported New York:

Some of the details on the gown:

On the left is a costume from Disney's Broadway production of MARY POPPINS, while on the right is one of the outfits Julie Andrews wore in the 1964 film.

Here we have the '64 costume on the left and one of Emily Blunt's costumes from MARY POPPINS RETURNS (2018) on the right.

A costume worn by Naomi Scott in the recent live-action film ALADDIN (2019), inspired by Princess Jasmine's costume in the animated 1992 film:

Dresses worn by Emma Watson in the live-action remake of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (2017):

There's a new book on this subject, THE ART OF DISNEY COSTUMING, coming from Disney historian Jeff Kurtti on September 17th.

Coming soon: My final post on this year's D23 Expo, showing highlights from a Marvel Studios costume exhibit.


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