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Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the internet...

...Time and again in recent weeks I've been sharing information here about upcoming Blu-ray releases for Kino Lorber, but there's definitely reason for the frequent mentions: Kino Lorber and its Kino Lorber Studio Classics line are announcing terrific new extras-filled releases at an amazing pace! Here's some news on more upcoming titles:

*THE RIVER (1984) with Sissy Spacek, Mel Gibson, and Scott Glenn comes to Blu-ray July 28th. I saw this film on first release and am curious to see it again; my main memory is of the excellent John Williams score.

*BACKLASH (1956) with Richard Widmark and Donna Reed will be out on August 18th, with a commentary track by Samm Deighan. I briefly reviewed this John Sturges Western back in 2007 and hope to take a fresh look at it in late summer.

*Coming August 25th, the previously mentioned release of John Ford's silent film HELL BENT (1918), starring Harry Carey (Sr.), and a three-film Reginald Denny Collection of silent films. My jaw dropped over that latter unexpected news. (Incidentally, I recently ordered Denny's 1925 film OH, DOCTOR! from Grapevine Video on a friend's recommendation.)  Ford scholar Joseph McBride did the HELL BENT audio commentary, and historian Anthony Slide provides commentaries for all three Denny films.

*A pair of Barbara Stanwyck films directed by Douglas Sirk will have their first U.S. Blu-ray releases on the 25th: ALL I DESIRE (1953), which I reviewed in 2010, and THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW (1956). Imogen Sara Smith will provide the ALL I DESIRE commentary, with Samm Deighan contributing the commentary to THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW.

...Cecil B. DeMille's THE SIGN OF THE CROSS (1932), which I reviewed last year after a UCLA screening, also comes to Blu-ray on August 25th. There are not one but two new audio commentaries, by David Del Valle and pre-Code expert Mark Vieira, who introduced the movie when I saw it at UCLA.

...And in September there's a Frank Borzage film I've never heard of on the way: DISPUTED PASSAGE (1939), starring Dorothy Lamour, Akim Tamiroff, and John Howard.

...From Variety: "Inside the Marketing Campaign to Bring Audiences Back to Movie Theaters."

...Caftan Woman's "One for June" Turner Classic Movies pick is H.M. PULHAM, ESQ. (1941) with Robert Young, Hedy Lamarr, and Ruth Hussey. I've been meaning to catch up with that one for some time now. It airs on June 28th.

...Necco Wafers are back!

...Over at Classic Film & TV Cafe, Rick has reviewed FLOWER DRUM SONG (1961). As I recently mentioned, I ordered that DVD last month.

...Film fashion expert Kimberly Truhler of GlamAmor will present a lecture on Joan Crawford's pre-Code fashions via Zoom on Sunday, June 14th. I've attended Kim's previous talks both in person and via Zoom and always enjoyed and learned from them. I hope to attend this one as well.

...Last week Classic Movie Hub announced a partnership with the streaming site Best Classics Ever, including a Classic Movie Hub Channel. Keep tabs on the Classic Movie Hub site for more developing news on this!

...Remembering the Miracle of Dunkirk, 80 years on.

...At Once Upon a Screen, Aurora takes a close look at one of my favorite Westerns, RIO BRAVO (1959). It was fun to read the reactions of someone seeing the film for the very first time!

...I was disappointed -- but not surprised -- to learn that this year's Cinecon Classic Film Festival, scheduled for Labor Day weekend at Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre, has been cancelled. 2020 is shaping up as the "lost year" for festivals and conventions. Cinecon hopes to provide some "stream at home" options to enjoy Labor Day weekend and plans to resume business as usual in 2021.

...That said, the Telluride Film Festival announced plans to go ahead with an "in person" fest in Colorado on Labor Day weekend.

...When I recently shared a link on Twitter for "Falling in Love with THE ROCKFORD FILES - All Over Again" it received a wonderfully enthusiastic reaction from fellow ROCKFORD and James Garner fans. Nathan Ward authored it for the CrimeReads website.

...Notable Passings: Alto sax player, composer, and arranger Lennie Niehaus has died at 90. Marc Myers pays tribute at JazzWax, posting a Niehaus interview, and he also shares ten tracks of Niehaus arrangements. Niehaus had a long collaboration with Clint Eastwood, who was his Army swimming instructor...The 2019 passing of actress Dolores Dorn was recently announced on Twitter. Her films included THE BOUNTY HUNTER (1954) with Randolph Scott, UNDERWORLD, U.S.A. (1961) with Cliff Robertson, and 13 WEST STREET (1962) with Alan Ladd. She was 85.

...For additional recent links of interest to classic film fans, please check out my May 30th roundup.

Have a great week!


Blogger barrylane said...

Anything with Reginald Denny in which he isn't playing the guy who lsoes the girl is welcome. Terrific guy and actor.

2:21 PM  
Blogger SimpleGifts said...

One festival that is hoping to proceed is Capitolfest in August in Rome, NY. They're unable to obtain enough films to do the planned tribute to Constance and Joan Bennett. Instead, they're developing a new line up of great classic films, both silents and talkies. The usual number of attendees does not fill up the huge Capitol Theater movie palace so safe social distancing is possible. Here's hoping it won't be a "lost year" for Capitolfest. Best, Jane

4:40 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Barrylane, I've especially appreciated Denny since seeing him in a supporting role in THE RICHEST GIRL IN THE WORLD (1934). He was charming, and then when I learned about his off-camera work as a drone inventor I was fascinated. It was a treat going back to old favorites like REBECCA (1940) having a greater appreciation for him. I'm looking forward to these silent films!

Jane, I had not heard about the Capitolfest plans and really appreciate the update and the link! I'm glad they are able to go ahead, even though they have to postpone the Bennett Sisters tribute for a year. If you happen to be able to go I'd love to hear about it this summer! Thanks so much.

Best wishes,

9:09 AM  
Blogger Seth said...

Aurora's discussion of Rio Bravo (which I was surprised to see was posted seven years ago!) reminds me that the film would be a nice shot in the arm considering how things have been lately. And today would be a great day to watch it, as it would be Dean Martin's 103 birthday.

And thanks too for the link to the Nathan Ward article. I'm sorry to say that I've never seen ROCKFORD, but that'll change now. I'm going see if I can borrow the series from my sister's in-laws, who have it on Blu-ray. It sounds somewhat reminiscent of one of my favorite OTR shows, RICHARD DIAMOND, PRIVATE DETECTIVE, with Dick Powell. Also, that podcast mentioned at the end of the piece sounds epic.

1:01 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi Seth!

Today (or any day) is definitely a great time for RIO BRAVO! I had meant to mention it was an older piece, which I recently read thanks to it being shared on social media, and completely forgot so I'm glad it was noted here. Happily, though, none of the content is dated, which is what prompted me to share it. I really need to revisit that movie myself!!

I also like RICHARD DIAMOND, PRIVATE DETECTIVE, and there are definitely some ROCKFORD-type similarities. I tend to think you're going to like ROCKFORD FILES. Hope so!!

Best wishes,

1:49 PM  
Blogger Caftan Woman said...

Skinner's Dress Suit will definitely be a favourite in the Reginald Denny collection. It played at the Toronto Silent Film Festival last year and charmed everyone!

I've not heard of Borzage's Disputed Passage either, but this Akim Tamiroff fan must see!

I know H.M. Pulham will be a great find for those who haven't seen it previously, and a treat for those who haven't visited it in a while. Thanks.

5:23 AM  
Blogger barrylane said...

H. M. Pulham is about a henpecked weakling who wears rubbers when it seems overcast. UGH!

11:15 AM  
Blogger dfordoom said...

For those who like Douglas Sirk melodramas (and that includes me) THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW is pretty darned good.

11:40 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Caftan Woman, I'm excited about SKINNER'S DRESS SUIT after hearing such positive thoughts from you and a couple other friends. Wonderful to hear it was a hit in Toronto!

I'm looking forward to H.M. PULHAM very much. (Sorry to hear you didn't care for it, Barrylane!) The lead cast of Young, Hussey and Lamarr has a lot of appeal for me so I hope to enjoy it also.

DforDoom, thank you so much for the feedback on THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW. Really love the cast (Stanwyck, MacMurray, J. Bennett) and I understand they did some shooting at one of my favorite '50s movie locations, the Apple Valley Inn in Apple Valley, CA. I'm very much looking forward to seeing it!

Best wishes,

11:31 AM  

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