Saturday, May 27, 2023

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the internet...

...The Library of Congress Festival of Film and Sound playing at the AFI Silver Theatre in Maryland in mid-June looks really special. The rarities screening include a 35mm print of the rarely seen Deanna Durbin film SPRING PARADE (1940), which is not available on DVD or Blu-ray. Also showing: A digital restoration of FRENCHMAN'S CREEK (1944), which I was fortunate to see in a beautiful 35mm print thanks to the UCLA Film & Television Archive in 2014. Any of my readers able to travel to Silver Spring, Maryland, should check this festival out!

...This week Glenn Erickson reviewed the Essential Film Noir Collection 4 from Australia's Viavision Imprint. The titles are ROPE OF SAND (1949), APPOINTMENT WITH DANGER (1950), THE ENFORCER (1951), BEWARE, MY LOVELY (1952), and JENNIFER (1953). Excellent extras include commentary tracks by Alan K. Rode, Samm Deighan, and Jason Ney.

...Earlier this month items from the estate of Olivia de Havilland were auctioned by Bonham's. The interesting catalogue may be reviewed here. Items included many books and a check she wrote to Errol Flynn on Christmas Eve, 1937.

...A couple years ago I enjoyed the Liam Neeson film THE ICE ROAD (2021), an original Netflix film which I reviewed here. It was an exciting film about truckers in Northern Canada. A sequel set in Nepal has just been announced, although it's going to air on Amazon Prime rather than Netflix.

...A few days ago the streaming service HBO Max changed its name to Max and rolled out a new interface which included many names being listed together as "creators" on menus rather than crediting their specific roles. It's going to be changed, but what a terrible idea.

...This month's streaming lineup on the Criterion Channel includes ten "Screwball Comedy Classics."

...Toby Roan of 50 Westerns From the 50s reports that VCI Entertainment will be bringing out the 15-chapter serial JACK ARMSTRONG: THE ALL-AMERICAN BOY.

...At Hometowns to Hollywood, Annette Bochenek pays tribute to MGM musical favorite Betty Garrett.

...Notable Passings: Michael Norell, who played Captain Hank Stanley on EMERGENCY! (1972-78), has passed away at the age of 85...Dorothy Colbert, aka Dotty Harmony, has died at the age of 90. A former member of the June Taylor Dancers, she was married to Robert Colbert (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS). They had at one point divorced but remarried April 4, 2022, a year to the date before her death...Ed Ames, who was part of my childhood in reruns of DANIEL BOONE (1964-68), has died at 95. I also love the Christmas music he recorded with his brothers. And who could forget his funny appearance on THE TONIGHT SHOW with Johnny Carson?

...Please note that there will not be a roundup column on June 3rd, when I'll be away for my summer vacation. Around the Blogosphere This Week will return on Saturday, June 10th.

...For additional recent links of interest to classic film fans, please check out my May 20th roundup.


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