Saturday, February 17, 2024

Last Weekend at the Disneyland Resort: Pixar Place Hotel and More

A couple weeks ago the Pixar Place Hotel officially opened at the Disneyland Resort. Disney has completely rethemed the hotel, most recently known as the Paradise Pier Hotel.

Last weekend we went to check out the new resort, starting with brunch at the hotel's main restaurant, Great Maple. Great Maple has three other locations, in Pasadena, Newport Beach, and San Diego.

This was our first time to eat at a Great Maple location. The restaurant's signature dish is a maple bacon donut, served at breakfast with fried chicken. It was a lot of food -- we took a donut home for later! -- but it was very good. We also appreciated the friendly service.

Our daughter had chocolate chip pancakes. Fortunately we went on to walk six miles around the resort after that heavy breakfast!

Pixar's Luxo Jr. ball and lamp have replaced the Paradise Pier "Surfing Goofy" in the center of the lobby:

Looking up from the center of the lobby:

One of things I most appreciated was this corner devoted to SOUL (2020), where "Joe Gardner" plays piano in the afternoons. The staircase location is a perfect thematic fit.

I also loved the Mid-Century furnishings:

As someone who loves "snail mail," I thought this beautifully designed mail drop was a particularly nice touch.

The lobby and halls are filled with Pixar art.

Of course, I came home with a few items to commemorate the resort opening!

We also took a walk over to the Grand Californian Hotel... check out the fabulous dragon hanging above the main lobby in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

For more recent photos from the Disneyland Resort, please visit Today at Disney California Adventure: Lunar New Year.


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