Monday, May 13, 2024

Quick Preview of TCM in June

Here's a brief preview of what's coming to Turner Classic Movies in June!

I'm delighted that the June Star of the Month programming will feature "Fox Stars." Tuesday evenings will focus on movies with actors such as Shirley Temple, Betty Grable, Alice Faye, Sonja Henie, Don Ameche, John Payne, Linda Darnell, Tyrone Power, and more.

The June Noir Alley films will be TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY (1951), NEVER OPEN THAT DOOR (1952) paired with IF I SHOULD DIE BEFORE I WAKE (1952), CALL NORTHSIDE 777 (1948), THE LOCKET (1946), and NO QUESTIONS ASKED (1951).

NEVER OPEN THAT DOOR and IF I SHOULD DIE BEFORE I WAKE are TCM premieres. I enjoyed NEVER OPEN THAT DOOR at the recent Noir City Hollywood Festival and plan to review it here when the upcoming Flicker Alley Blu-ray is released.

The TCM Spotlight will focus on Great Film Composers. Additional June programming themes will include the 80th anniversary of D-Day, including the TCM premieres of EYE OF THE NEEDLE (1981) and CODE NAME: EMERALD (1985), as well as baseball, the 1960s, suspense, Allied Artists, and films with the word "sweet" in the title.

And of course, Father's Day will be celebrated with a lineup including LIFE WITH FATHER (1947) and FATHER OF THE BRIDE (1950). Additional films that day will include a favorite of mine, DAUGHTERS COURAGEOUS (1939).

Also of note in June, TCM Imports will feature classic-era Mexican remakes of a pair of RKO films. EL CASADO CASA QUIERE (1950) is a remake of TOO MANY COOKS (1931), while LOS QUE VOLVIERON (1947) remakes FIVE CAME BACK (1939).

There's also an evening with all three TOPPER films and another evening featuring silent William S. Hart Westerns.

Filmmakers receiving multifilm tributes in June will include Rosalind Russell, John Ford, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ronald Neame, Anatole Litvak, Ray Milland, Nicholas Ray, James Stewart,Van Johnson, Dorothy McGuire, Nicole Kidman, Peter Lorre, and a memorial tribute to Louis Gossett Jr.

June isn't very far away, and I'll have more detailed information on the schedule posted here around the end of May.

In the meantime, Sessue Hayakawa is the May Star of the Month.

Update: For more on TCM in June 2024, please visit TCM in June: Highlights.


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