Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Thank you, President Bush, for picking a sterling nominee with a proven track record.

Joyous reaction at Confirm Them, above.

Mark Levin says, "If he is not qualified to serve on the Supreme Court, then no conservative is qualified."

Ed Whelan says, "Congratulations, President Bush!"

It's a great day for those who care about the Constitution being interpreted as written.

Update: Sen. Schumer is already making noises about needing documents from Alito's tenure in the Justice Department. The same issue which allowed Harriet Miers a graceful exit may be a double-edged sword which creates difficulty for the next candidate. It remains to be seen whether the Republicans can successfully differentiate to the public that, unlike Miers, Alito has a lengthy public record outside the Executive Branch which can be examined by the Senate.

Further Update: Michelle Malkin, as is so often the case, has an extensive compilation of relevant links.


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