Monday, October 24, 2005

"Teachers Fear, Backers Cheer Prop. 74"

My H.S. daughter's got an AP English teacher who had a student aide grade their last essay test -- and he refused to commit that this wouldn't happen again -- and a far left-wing AP Civics teacher. You bet I'm for Prop. 74!

Two years is simply not long enough to offer public school teachers tenure. Under the new rules, the AP English teacher would not yet have been there long enough to have tenure, and our complaints might actually have some effect, and there might have been enough time to discern the Civics teacher's inappropriate teaching methods before he was tenured.

Any teacher worth their salt has little to fear. One of the "scare ads" airing on the radio suggests that a principal could fire a great teacher parents love. Which begs the question, why would such a teacher be fired? Occasionally you might find a bad situation with an unfair firing, but "office politics" are part of any career. There's no reason that, unlike other professions, teachers should have special protection after only two years on the job.


Blogger Ohio Yankee said...

About the only thing I agree with you on is the teacher using an aide to grade an essay. You are completely wrong about "office politics", as your politics betrays you. When boards of education think conservative or liberal, things get ugly for those of us who do not agree with them. Any teacher worth their salt must do their job in a professional manner for the good of their students. I always graded my own essays, but your insult about left-wing AP civics teacher was uncalled for. If members of a board of education thought like you, the jobs of many teachers would be in jeopardy, just as they would if a liberal group used their power to do it my way or the highway. Their is no room in the schools for "politics", and most of the schools in Ohio don't use politics as the answer, just in the funding of schools, where the majority of our legislature refuses to adhere to an Ohio Supreme Court ruling to modernize the funding options for schools in Ohio. Ohio's conservatives have been directed for years to coming up with other options, but have done nothing but throw more dollars into the fray rather than help property tax owners. You do not have the corner on stupidity, you just share in it with the rest of us.

10:23 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Wow, this was a random comment, to a post that's nearly 18 months old.

"your insult about left-wing AP civics teacher was uncalled for."

How was stating a fact insulting? I'm sure if I quoted you chapter and verse on the myriad pro-liberal, anti-conservative, anti-Bush things he taught his students, you wouldn't believe me...

"Their is no room in the schools for "politics""

We sure agree on that, but unfortunately, they're there.

Best wishes,

11:21 AM  

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