Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Are There No Adults Running UC San Diego?

I picked up on this stunning story via Hugh Hewitt's radio show. UC San Diego students are producing and airing a pornographic television show which includes "explicit" scenes.

As the parent of a college-bound senior who is considering a UC campus -- strictly because she is already guaranteed admission due to her high class ranking -- I am particularly appalled.

A campus station manager doesn't "want to stand in the way of creative freedom"?

How about standing in the way of taxpayer facilities being used for the production and airing of porn? How about standing in the way of a complete breakdown of student morals and respect, and standing up for what is right?

This isn't about education and academic freedom, it's about a school administration aiding and abetting deviance, with taxpayer funding, no less.


Blogger Unknown said...

As a parent of two college students, I can't believe that my scarce California tax dollars fund "free expression" using California owned facilities. Do your porn in your own rented La Jolla condo, not in my publicly financed education facility. Quit complaining about how "The Governor is ripping off schools and our children's future" when you abuse the beautiful and well developed facilities you are given access to.

8:49 AM  

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