Saturday, November 05, 2005

Arizona Moves to Protect Legal Votes

The L.A. Times has a front-page story today charging that Arizona's tougher new voter identification law is disenfranchising legal voters who are somehow unable to dig up a birth certificate or passport.

The paper also tries to drum up sympathy for a legal resident who has been charged with a felony because he knowingly falsely affirmed he was a citizen and voted in the last Presidential election. He didn't think the citizenship issue was any big deal because he's lived here a long time. I suspect the paper wants conservatives to feel sorry for him as they mention he's a Christian who voted for President Bush.

I'm far more concerned about legal voters being disenfranchised by having their votes offset by illegal voters. Voter fraud in all forms is a growing scandal (I highly recommend John Fund's Stealing Elections), and I applaud the State of Arizona for addressing the issue with reasonable identification requirements.

(Registration may be required by The Los Angeles Times.)


Blogger UGN said...

Mark this date! This is the first time in history that the Times has come down on the side of Christians and/or Bush supporters!

11:02 AM  

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