Wednesday, November 16, 2005

NASCAR: Nice Guys Finish 1st, or at Least 16th

An unusually high level of NASCAR content here this week, but there have been some stories worth noting.

Last Sunday NASCAR funny man and nice guy Kenny Wallace (brother of Rusty and Mike), who only occasionally races in the Nextel Cup series, subbed for Kurt Busch at the very last moment. He didn't even have his own fire suit as his equipment was shipped home after he was in the Busch race, but despite the drawbacks he kept the car in one piece and placed a very respectable 16th.

Roush Racing had initially been rumored to plan to give Todd Kluever the "ride" next Sunday in the year-ending race, but instead decided to reward Kenny and give him another turn in the 97. (Incidentally, FReepers had organized a "Give Kenny the ride!" email campaign, wonder if public response encouraged Roush to let Kenny finish out the season?) According to Kenny Wallace's website, all three Wallace brothers may thus be racing during Rusty's last race this Sunday.

Holy Coast has the details (above). Kenny Wallace's site has more.


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