Saturday, November 26, 2005

The War on Christmas Strikes Again

Paging John Gibson... Boston has called their Christmas tree a "holiday tree."

The logger who donated the tree is not a happy camper.

I've always wondered why some feel the need to rename things which are very specifically Christmas related as a "holiday" item. The strangest example is Christmas tree ornaments at Disneyland -- around a decade or so ago they started being labeled with the word "Holiday" instead of "Christmas." Considering that the ornaments are only likely to be purchased by people who have trees and thus celebrate Christmas, I can't figure out who Disney thought they'd be offending by continuing to call them "Christmas" ornaments!


Blogger Cathy said...


The politically correct police are trying their best to infiltrate and destroy.

Good post and thanks for bringing this to my attention

5:52 AM  

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