Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"The Politics of Negation"

Michael Barone's essay ties in well with the Thomas Sowell piece posted here last night on "temper tantrum politics."

Barone writes: "American politics today is not just about winning elections or prevailing on issues. It's about delegitimizing, or preventing the delegitimization of, our presidents."

(Hat tip: Power Line.)


Anonymous jngrif said...

This is scary. Barone is on the right track, but actually the Democrats seek to weaken the Presidency as a whole. Of course, the Democrats DID try to steal the 2000 election; they've lied about THAT ever since.
Bush has managed to peaceably prevail. The hate from the Left goes on, but they have stopped short of violence. I wasn't sure they would not attack other Americans with something other than words. So the President is winning. Good people are still protecting them--and US-- regardless.

9:29 PM  

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