Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wellstone Funerally, Part 2

Sadly, some Democrats have shown an appalling lack of taste at today's lengthy services for Coretta Scott King.

As Rush Limbaugh said early on, "The King funeral has gone Wellstone."

A minister, Joseph Lowery, chose the occasion to insult the President of the United States, referring to him as a "weapon of misdirection."

Former President Carter continued his graceless retirement by using the funeral to slam President Bush over the NSA wiretaps and response to Hurricane Katrina.

I heard a bit on the radio and cringed when former President Clinton referred to President George Herbert Walker Bush as one of the "frozen chosen" and then went on to praise Mrs. King's looks.

A live thread posted at Free Republic contains reaction as events unfolded.

What a regrettable and ugly way to "remember" Mrs. King.


Blogger Garry said...

They just can't help themselves, Laura. Imagine if Bush had launched into an attack on Carter's foreign policy during the funeral, heaping (well-deserved) blame upon him for his fecklessness in dealing with Iran, which in part led to the current crisis we now face with that country. Dems would have gone ballistic - and rightly so - if Bush had disrespected the King family by engaging in a partisan attack during such a solemn memorial.

2:36 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

You're exactly right. Best wishes, Laura

3:05 PM  
Anonymous johng said...

Laura, I go ballistic whenever I hear a national disaster used for political ammunition. As many conservatives have summarized, Katrina: The Media-created Debacle was exactly that. Cameras focused on the worst parts of one area of the devastation. Where was the truth?

Trudy Rubin? of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote that America had failed as a democracy and we must turn to (Socialism/Communism/other) as a new future. Foreign news picked up that slant. Looking at what I knew had happened, I wasn't sure of their sanity.

How do I know? My family is on the edge of the Katrina zone; I was there when the storm passed. We had more refugees than most and we were hurt ourselves.
NONE of the national outcry I have read resembled anything that happened during, or after the storm. The MSM didn't tell our story.
When our power was restored, I read some fanatic Detroit columnist spouting racism. I hated her.
There was none, could have been none. Survivors had to take care of each other/ we were Americans. Americans, One race.

Imagine if the MSM had chosen Hugo (which took apart SC) or the Florida hurricanes of 2004 (an area which supported Bush heavily in the election that year) to attack America and the President. They didn't. But they, the Left, lost badly in 2004, and Iraq is now shown to be a success.

So they seized an event. Arrogant and spiteful, the Left turned their weapons on victims--those hurt and most in need-- here at home.
One local writer in the Zone called such callous opportunists, 'scum.'

I suspect that Katrina survivors face a campaign similar to what our selfless men and women in Iraq have been endured for years. When our soldiers read the New York Times/MSM, they see only lies and hatred toward their mission.

Katrina was a preparation for our next national disaster, be it from AQ or Nature. As with the Iraq story,The Left, the Democrats, the MSM turned on their fellow Americans and played games. But real Americans and America didn't.

I have seen little people from Vermont to Oregon helping to put the pieces back. God's churches are all on that frontline. They're still there today. The MSM never saw them. It never told the story of a strong people working together as we must. It will take all that. We will survive.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts, Johng. Best wishes, Laura

12:57 PM  

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