Tuesday, April 18, 2006

American Girl Limits Growth

Mattel, which acquired American Girl in 1998, is wisely growing the brand very slowly, to avoid being a fad that "would burn very brightly...and then burn out." (One need look no further than today's news reports on Krispy Kreme to see the wisdom in Mattel's planning.)

Our daughters have treasured their American Girl dolls. They are relatively expensive (we don't collect the matching furniture) but we have found them worth the investment in terms of the long-term pleasure they have brought. They are treasured "members" of the family who have even occasionally accompanied us on trips. :)

The nation's third American Girl Place opens in Los Angeles next weekend. In keeping with the strategy to limit the brand's growth, this may possibly be the last American Girl Place store opened. We will be visiting soon. :)


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