Sunday, April 09, 2006

College Board Sued For SAT Scoring Errors

It was only a matter of time...the New York Times has more on the filing of the class-action lawsuit.

It strikes me that the College Board has gradually acquired far too much power over students' futures -- and consequently their errors have devastating results. Unfortunately, when one company's sloppiness can destroy a student's chances of college acceptances or scholarships, the company saying "We worked day and night" to belatedly correct the errors just doesn't cut it. The College Board's credibility has been deeply undercut not only by the errors themselves, but by the way the company slowly released the bad news, which grew worse with each successive press release.

Something needs to be done to rein in the power of the College Board and its tests over students' futures. Test scores can be valuable tools, but they're only one part of the overall picture. Perhaps colleges placing greater emphasis on students' overall records and placing less reliance on the scores is one future possibility. As mentioned here earlier this week, an increasing number of universities are making the SAT and ACT tests optional.


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