Saturday, April 22, 2006

O.C. Sheriff Carona Outraged by Deportation of Illegal Aliens

A Deputy Sheriff here in Orange County is under investigation...for enforcing the law.

The Deputy made the grievous error of handing over three illegal aliens suspected of theft to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The women chose to voluntarily return to Mexico rather than go through deportation proceedings.

The husband of one of the women volunteered to a reporter that he planned to pay to have his wife smuggled back into the country within the week. Such is the state of illegal immigration in this country, that someone would feel comfortable publicly announcing an intent to break the law again.

The Deputy may be in trouble for "violating department policy and straining relations between Sheriff Mike Carona and immigration advocates." Deputies, you see, are currently allowed to inform immigration authorities of suspected illegal aliens in writing, but to phone authorities requires the approval of higher-ups. One can only assume that this rule is in place because by the time written notification goes through channels, the arrestees will be long gone and unable to be deported. Phoning might result in the quick response received by this Deputy.

Sheriff Carona is described as being "outraged." Unbelievably, Carona isn't outraged by those who broke the law. He's outraged at his own Deputy for alerting proper authorities about people who appeared to be in this country illegally.

I'm outraged that Sheriff Carona seems much more concerned with the feelings of lawbreakers than with supporting one of his Deputies who was attempting to uphold this nation's laws.


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