Monday, June 19, 2006

The Washington Post and Pouting Feminists

The Washington Post has published some amazing feminist tripe lately. First there was the woman who wrote: "The conservative politics of the Bush administration forced me to have an abortion I didn't want." I didn't even bother to link to that one originally as I figured the less traffic such an absurd point of view received, the better.

Yesterday the Post published a piece in which a feminist, Linda Hirshman, lashed out at those who disagreed with her past article stating that women who have chosen to say home to raise families are letting down the feminist movement and are engaged in activities which don't require much intellect.

Hirshman, who believes that as a "philosopher" it's her "job to tell people how they should lead their lives," has newly attacked blogging homemakers as "a bunch of women who can't manage all the demands on their time," many of whom have "fundamentalist religious stuff on their Web sites." She also laughs off the idea that "supporting other women's choices is the very essence of feminism." It's Hirshman's way or the highway.

These emotion-based pieces are so over the top, Paul Mirengoff of Power Line asks: "Isn't this kind of stuff best left to one's support group -- or one's psychiatrist?"

Karen of Spunky Homeschool writes an articulate response.

One wonders why the Washington Post is wasting newsprint on these childish tantrums, but maybe the paper is doing everyone a favor by showing us one of the true faces of liberalism: a refusal to take personal responsibility for one's own choices, while simultaneously feeling the need to criticize the choices of others.


Blogger Spunky said...

Thanks for the link and adding your thoughts to the discussion. I wondered the same thing about the Washington Post. The article seemed a little out of place in their paper. But controversy sells I guess.

2:36 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by -- your input is always of interest. Best wishes, Laura

2:54 PM  

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