Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Wikipedia Meme

Earlier this month Cathy of Sunday Morning Coffee tagged me for this fun "meme." Now that high school graduation and the homeschooling year are behind us and life is calming down, I'm catching up!

The idea is to put your birthdate (not year) into Wikipedia and then post about two people born on your birthday, as well as one person who died on that date.

I didn't even have to look to come up with the names of two particularly interesting people who share my birthdate, July 6th. One is none other than our President, George W. Bush, who was born in 1946 and thus will be turning 60 next week.

Janet Leigh was also born on July 6th. I always enjoy her and reviewed two of her lesser-known movies, JUST THIS ONCE and THE ROMANCE OF ROSY RIDGE, earlier this year.

The great Roy Rogers passed away on that date in 1998. I have wonderful memories of watching reruns of his show after school when I was little, and I once briefly met his wife, Dale Evans Rogers, at a book signing.

Missy and Mrs. Happy Housewife, would you like to play? :)

I'll have another fun "meme" game up in the next couple days, from Mrs. Happy Housewife. Thanks!


Blogger Cathy said...


I adore GW he is such a cowboy. Polls be damned!

And did you know that Roy was born in Cincinnati? He used to joke that he was born at 2nd base (at the old-- now gone Riverfront Stadium).

We need more real cowboys today....We'd be in better shape as a nation, ya know?

I'll link you shortly and thanks for playing!!

5:26 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

"We need more real cowboys today....We'd be in better shape as a nation, ya know?"

Absolutely! Where is John Wayne when you need him? :)

Thanks, Laura

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Missy said...

It's funny I have two nieces and both were born on the same date as one of my friends and the same date as one American president. Pretty good link there: MML to LG and GWB. Plus KAL to BL and RWR.

No presidents and none of my friends share my birthdate. ;-(

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Missy said...

Oops, I was wrong! James Garfield was born on my birthday. I skimmed too fast!

10:43 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I love it -- James Garfield!

It's kind of interesting to think that at most (if there are no repeats) there are only 43 days of the year on which one can share a President's birthday. Comparing that against the days in the year, it puts into perspective a bit how rare it is to be an American President.


11:09 PM  

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