Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Disneyland President Resigns

We were very sorry to learn of the resignation of Matt Ouimet as President of Disneyland. "Cast Member Matt" is leaving to head up Starwood Hotels.

Ed Grier, who has been working at Tokyo Disneyland, will be taking over the helm at Disneyland.

Under Matt Ouimet, Disneyland saw something of a renaissance from the previous Paul Pressler-Cynthia Harris administration. Pressler and Harris had run the park into the ground, attempting to squeeze every last penny of profit while refusing to acknowledge the long-term benefits of investment in new attractions and park maintenance. One of the first things Matt did was reinvest in the Disneyland's maintenance -- painting trash cans was an early project -- and it now looks better than it has in many years.

It's a shame to see this major change in the park's management just when things were looking so positive.

Disneyland fans are abuzz about the news at the MiceAge forum.


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