Thursday, July 06, 2006

Kerry's "Mission"...and Senator Lieberman

Senator John Kerry's spokeswoman says that this year Senator Kerry's "personal mission" is electing veterans to Congress, so he will only be endorsing primary candidates who are veterans.

Thus, Kerry can conveniently avoid endorsing fellow Senator Joseph Lieberman, who is fighting a difficult primary battle.

Of all the Democrat Senators in Congress, Joe Lieberman is probably more supportive of our troops than any other Democrat. You'd think someone like Kerry, who is so concerned about electing veterans, would also want to help re-elect someone who strongly supports the troops.

But of course, Senator Lieberman supports our mission in Iraq along with the troops, which makes him the equivalent of poison ivy in Senator Kerry's eyes, as Kerry tilts ever leftward.

Senator Lieberman disappointed me when he worked to prevent the ballots of military personnel from being counted in the 2000 election aftermath, but otherwise he is a decent man who cares about our country, to the point of putting our nation ahead of personal political aspirations. (Perhaps he learned something in 2000...)

I would be quite pleased if Senator Lieberman eventually decides to leave behind his unsupportive colleagues and join the Republican Party.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better for Lieberman as far as I'm concerned. Just as some Republicans prefer not to be associated with Bush, Kerry, in my opinion is "poison." Personal feelings might be skewing my opinion. I can't stand to listen to "flipper" for more than 15 seconds.

2:30 PM  

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