Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Around the Blogosphere Today

Lots of bloggy goodness on the 'Net today...here are a few highlights.

Hugh Hewitt (linked above) posts an email claiming that ABC executives met over the holiday weekend to consider whether or not to accede to Bill Clinton's request that they edit THE PATH TO 9/11. Apparently some minor changes resulted. With hundreds of "screeners" already available, bloggers and pundits will easily be able to compare and see if the changes were significant or not.

Ed Morrissey posts on the restrictions on free speech as we enter the "McCain-Feingold blackout period" prior to the election. Ed: "If you feel just a little less free today, this is the reason why." I hope the Supreme Court will be revisiting this clearly unconstitutional law at some point in the future.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, Betsy's Page recently pointed out an interesting interview with Justice Alito and his wife.

Rush Limbaugh on immigration today, headlined "No immigration bill better than a bad one": "The House is the only body that's been right on this, but McCain and sadly the White House, led the Senate and defined what this bill is going to be, and that makes the House effort to get this done impossible." I'm not certain whether this piece is available on the "free" side of Rush's site, but it's worth taking a look.

NewsBusters notes that Katie Couric's CBS News has hired the liberal historian Douglas Brinkley.

Finally, NBC's prima donna David Gregory had another temper tantrum today, after Tony Snow said that David had "nicely summarized the Democratic point of view." Apparently the truth hurts.


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