Saturday, November 17, 2007

CNN: Still the Clinton News Network?

NewsBusters has a most interesting report on CNN's handling of Thursday night's Democratic debate.

CNN appears to have stocked the audience of "undecided Democrats" with questioners who included the former political director of the Arkansas Democratic Party, a former Harry Reid intern (who was directed by CNN to ask Mrs. Clinton the "diamonds or pearls" softball), and a prominent Muslim leader.

CNN also controlled which questions were asked, and refused to intervene when the audience loudly cheered Senator Clinton and booed her opponents.

Add to that Wolf Blitzer refusing to ask the obvious follow-up on Senator Clinton's turnaround on driver's licenses for illegal aliens, and one has to wonder whether CNN was stacking the deck in Hillary's favor.

More on the CNN debate from Hot Air, Dan Riehl, and Dick Morris and Eileen McGann.

Update: DRJ at Patterico's site has more. It appears more of the "undecided voters" were not "ordinary people," but political activists and/or Democratic Party operatives...and the punch line is that the former Reid intern who asked the "diamonds vs. pearls" question is a non-citizen who isn't even eligible to vote.


Blogger jau said...

Brother. What else can I say? And what will the election result in, given the utter nuttiness of the present political moment in this country? Brother.

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