Sunday, December 23, 2007

Best Buy Computers Not Connected to Internet

If you shop at Best Buy, you should read this story.

If you go to Best on an in-house computer in a Best Buy store, you are not actually looking at the same Best you'd see at home, and you will not see the same prices.

Let the buyer beware...


Blogger Irene said...

Now that was interesting and explains a while lot. Just the other day my daughter saw a movie soundtrack CD she wanted but that Target did not have. She found it on Best Buys site which indicated they had it in store and asked me to go by on my way home. Not only did the sales clerk not have a clue which movie I was talking about nor how to spell it, their site showed no stock. I ended up at F.Y.E. (formally The Wherehouse) and it was one dollar cheaper than Best Buys site. We have had other problems with them, too. One certainly needs to be on their toes now days.

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