Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Huntington Beach School District Regulates R Movies

Thanks to the courage of a mother and her 15-year-old daughter who spoke out against the showing of R-rated movies at Huntington Beach High School, here in Orange County, the district is adopting regulations about the showing of such films.

The district has banned the showing of entire R-rated films and requires parental permission before clips are shown.

Given that minors under 17 may not attend an R-rated movie without an adult, this is an appropriate step. It's only sad that teachers are so lacking in common sense that such a rule has to be formalized in the first place.

As the article said about the mom in this case, "...she understands that some may think she's sheltering her child too much."

The mom says in response: "It's my choice. She's my kid."

That's exactly right. More and more schools seem to feel comfortable making decisions in place of parents, and too many parents don't say anything.

The family was represented by the Pacific Justice Institute. (Note: The PJI article is in error that CHICAGO is an R-rated movie; it's PG-13. However, the modern PG-13 movie often strikes me as the equivalent of an R from a couple decades ago!)

Unfortunately, this isn't the only high school in Orange County where R-rated movies are an issue. A couple years ago my own daughter walked out of a movie referring to pimps and hookers, which was shown in her U.S. Government class, of all places!


Blogger Dana said...

The mom is well within her rights of course, and those rights of parents (especially in public schools) are being thrown to the gutter in favor of the state 'knowing whats best' for our kids.

My son was in a class during his junior year and the teacher showed Shawshank Redemption in a history class. No permission slips, no notice, just our son telling us about it.

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