Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Here are a few things which have caught my eye recently...

At the subject link (click above), Bill Bennett and Seth Leibsohn discuss 10 Concerns About Barack Obama.

The Court: Short and sweet from Mark Levin at The Corner: "Let me put this bluntly — every time the Supreme Court meets in secret conference, it sits as a constitutional convention, rewriting the Constitution at will." The Court's willingness to ignore the Constitution and serve as a super-legislature makes me a bit ill. I await the Heller gun rights decision Thursday with unease. (Update: At least they got this one right.)

Homeschool Advocates Fight For Parental Rights: Earlier this week the 2nd District Court of Appeal held a hearing on its February anti-homeschool ruling. Regardless of the court's ruling, homeschooling is here to stay in California. A handful of unelected judges aren't going to shove the genie back in the bottle.

Pelosi Supports "Fairness Doctrine": These are disturbing times in many ways. The threat of this policy returning to kill AM talk radio is a serious concern.

Drive-Thru Ban Mulled By Cities: This is happening in Canada, but I won't be a bit surprised if the U.S. is next. Some extremists seem determined to make us all as miserable as possible and push us as far back from modern living as they can. The drive-thru prescription window in particular has been a Godsend. I remember the miserable times when I had a sick child and the only way to get a prescription was to take the child into the drugstore...and of course the pharmacy is always at the very back of the store!

OC Register to Outsource Some Editing to India: The Register is the local paper. It seems like people partway around the world would have trouble doing thorough editing if only because of a complete lack of knowledge of local proper names...I'll be curious whether or not this works.

When Is a 19-Point Gap "Narrow" and a 12-Point Gap "Sizable"? When It's the L.A. Times Doing the Measuring!: Patterico finds the latest example of biased poll interpretations at the L.A. Times. (See May's Funny Math at the L.A. Times.)

Survey: Do You Call Your Local Freeway "The 10" or "I-10" or "10"?: This amused me as my Eastern friends have been mystified by my references to the 405 and the 605.

Giant Candle Co.: Rush Limbaugh mentioned this candle company earlier this week. Looks like an interesting website.

Out of the Past Locations: Someone's put together a YouTube video comparing some of the Bridgeport, California locations from the film noir classic OUT OF THE PAST with video of the town today. Bridgeport is our favorite town in the Sierras, and we'll be heading there again later this summer.


Blogger Dana said...

I always love it when the left starts whining about the Fairness Doctrine (...its not fair! its not fair! wah-wah) - *progressives* trying limit free speech. Too ironic.


8:08 AM  
Blogger UGN said...

Reminds me of our trips to Hollywood - take the 405 to the 605 to the 5 to the 101.

Mrs. UNG

4:57 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

You've still got it memorized after all these years! Love it. :)


5:02 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

I read this editorial/commentary on yahoo news and wondered if you had. I found the statistics very interesting.;_ylt=AsU0It7b155iZbVmTUpxz58DW7oF

2:12 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for that, Terri! In one reading format Blogger is cutting off your link, so I'm putting a hyperlink here. I really enjoy Larry Elder, the author of the editorial; he's on the radio here in So. CA.

Best wishes,

2:34 PM  

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