Friday, September 26, 2008

"A Clear Win For McCain"

When I listened to the TV pundits following tonight's debate, I had to wonder if gentlemen like Charles Krauthammer, Fred Barnes, and Dick Morris had just watched the same debate I watched. They all declared the evening free of interesting soundbites and felt that Obama won or tied (and, in tying, won by exceeding expectations).

Although Senator McCain started out slowly and I think could have answered some questions better -- and more conservatively -- he was authoritative, knowledgeable, humorous, and pleasant.

Senator Obama was petulant, rude, whiny ("I have a bracelet too"), and clearly outclassed in terms of knowledge and experience.

Only one man on the stage was Presidential, and that man was Senator McCain.

You can read some of my thoughts as the debate unfolded in the comments at Holy Coast.

My memory is a bit fuzzy, but it seems to me as though some pundits didn't immediately recognize how poorly Al Gore's body language and facial expressions played on TV in the first Presidential debate in 2000. I'm wondering if over the next few days we're gradually going to hear more negative reaction to Senator Obama's grimaces, anger, and particularly the obnoxious way he repeatedly tried to talk over and drown out Senator McCain.

Bill Kristol, whose commentary has been spot-on throughout this campaign season, felt McCain was the clear winner. Ed Morrissey (click title of post) and Michelle Malkin, one of McCain's strongest critics, also declared McCain the winner.

Update: Welcome to readers of Holy Coast. It was fun posting updates while Rick was attending to "real life" -- high school marching band!


Blogger Pedaling said...

came across your blog today, and i like it!

your summery was very similar to mine on the debate.
looking forward to tomorrow.

4:44 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for your feedback! Please visit again. :)

Thursday will be interesting!

Best wishes,

5:31 PM  

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