Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ellery Queen Coming to DVD?

TV Shows on DVD has the interesting rumor that the mystery series ELLERY QUEEN (1975) may be coming to DVD in 2010.

This beautifully executed show starred Jim Hutton as the title detective and David Wayne as his father, a homicide inspector. Sadly, it only ran one season.

One episode in particular, "The Adventure of the Mad Tea Party," is a vivid childhood TV memory. Larry Hagman, Rhonda Fleming, and Jim Backus starred in the episode, in which the clues were lines from Lewis Carroll. I'd love my mystery-loving children to be able to watch this show.

For those of you who saw the series when it originally aired, here's something to take you back in time, the theme music by Elmer Bernstein.

May 2, 2010: Scroll down at this link for a brief update on the release date.

May 18, 2010: A further release date update.


Blogger Jacqueline T Lynch said...

I remember that episode. He solved the mystery by recounting the actual original title and subtitle of "Alice in Wonderland", which was --

Doaf! Sorry. I do that all the time. (Slaps hand over mouth.)

5:18 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

LOL! How fun you remember that too, Jacqueline.

My husband remembers watching the particular episode too. :)

Best wishes,

8:36 AM  
Blogger Matthew Coniam said...

They repeated these over here a few years back - coincidentally my good lady and I have just started watching them again, one a week, with our Friday night curry. Really good plots and the bonus of a fine roster of golden age supporting players. Last week's had Ida Lupino and Don Ameche; next week we have Donald O'Connor! They're great, and I love the relationship between Hutton and the always excellent Wayne.

10:54 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Love hearing about your recent ELLERY QUEEN viewings, Matthew. The casts of these shows seem sort of like the casts of the later series MURDER, SHE WROTE -- lots of great actors from the golden era of movies. Looking forward to seeing the episodes you mentioned.

Best wishes,

10:58 AM  

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