Saturday, September 25, 2010

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the Internet... This is an abbreviated Destination D weekend edition.

...Good news for those of us who are fans of THE VIRGINIAN: Season 2 is coming to DVD, remastered and restored, on December 7th.

...The editorial offices of Bon Appetit magazine are leaving Los Angeles for New York.

...Moira has brief thoughts and links regarding Scott Eyman's new book on Cecil B. DeMille at Skeins of Thought.

...Leonard Maltin's iTouch/iPhone app has been updated with 365 new titles.

...Glenn Erickson reviews Warner Archive titles A LADY WITHOUT PASSPORT (1950) and BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (1944) at DVD Savant.

...This week provided interesting insights into the mind of President Obama. He dropped the phrase "endowed by their Creator" when quoting the relevant sentence from the Declaration of Independence...asserted that "Mexicans" lived in North America "long before" the United States was "even an idea"...and told Bob Woodward "We can absorb a terrorist attack," adding that we "absorbed" 9/11.

...There are nice photos of Vivien Leigh's former homes at Days in Mayfair.

...Video fun: the cast of the remake of HAWAII FIVE-O meets the USC Trojan marching band.

...Notable passing: Grace Bradley Boyd, the widow of William Boyd, aka "Hopalong Cassidy," has passed away on her birthday at the age of 97. Leonard Maltin pays tribute.

Have a great week!


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