Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Fox Movie Channel in December

Fox Movie Channel has a number of interesting titles airing in December. Below are a few highlights...

...It's Christmastime, rather than St. Patrick's Day, but any time is a good time to watch a Tyrone Power movie. The charming fantasy THE LUCK OF THE IRISH (1948) airs Thursday, December 2nd.

...On December 3rd there's an interesting-looking little movie titled QUIET PLEASE - MURDER (1943), starring George Sanders and Gail Patrick.

...December 5th the Cold War thriller THE IRON CURTAIN (1948) returns to FMC. It stars Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney. The same day Tyrone Power and Madeleine Carroll can be seen in LLOYD'S OF LONDON (1936).

...On December 6th, Olivia deHavilland and Richard Burton star in Daphne DuMaurier's MY COUSIN RACHEL (1952). (Trivia: Olivia's sister, Joan Fontaine, starred in at least two films based on DuMaurier novels, 1940's REBECCA and 1944's FRENCHMAN'S CREEK.)

...One of the most interesting titles of the month is AN AMERICAN GUERILLA IN THE PHILLIPINES (1950), starring Tyrone Power and directed by Fritz Lang. I'll be recording this one for sure! It airs December 7th.

...I love YELLOW SKY (1948), showing on December 8th. It stars Gregory Peck, Anne Baxter, and Richard Widmark, directed by William Wellman.

...On December 9th there's an opportunity to see NIAGARA (1953), which I enjoyed very much a few weeks ago. The stars are Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters, and Marilyn the beautiful Technicolor location shooting.

...December 10th the classic family film CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN (1950) is on, starring Clifton Webb and Myrna Loy as parents of the large brood. Their children include Jeanne Crain.

...The Clifton Webb movies continue with ELOPEMENT (1951) on December 11th, also starring Anne Francis and William Lundigan.

...And on December 13th, Clifton Webb stars in the very first film about Mr. Belvedere, SITTING PRETTY (1948). The previous day Turner Classic Movies will show MR. BELVEDERE GOES TO COLLEGE (1949) and MR. BELVEDERE RINGS THE BELL (1951), so it's a great opportunity to see all three films.

...On December 14th one of my favorite Cary Grant films airs, the unusual PEOPLE WILL TALK (1951), costarring Jeanne Crain. This film has some wonderful dialogue by Joseph L. Mankiewicz; there's one extended scene in particular, in which Crain's character learns she's expecting a baby, that is rather remarkable for both its quick shifts in tone and the positive approach to an unexpected wrinkle in the situation.

...There's more Tyrone Power ahead, with LADIES IN LOVE (1936) on the 15th and THE RAINS CAME (1939) on the 16th.

...CLAUDIA AND DAVID (1946), the sequel to CLAUDIA (1943), is on December 17th. The stars are Dorothy McGuire and Robert Young.

...Sonja Henie skates in WINTERTIME (1943) on the 19th. Her costars are Cesar Romero, Carole Landis, and Jack Oakie.

...Irene Dunne plays Queen Victoria in THE MUDLARK (1950) on December 20th. Alec Guinness plays Prime Minister Disraeli.

...Tired of December weather? IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING (1949), a baseball fantasy starring Ray Milland, is on December 27th.

...Tyrone Power returns to FMC in JOHNNY APOLLO (1940) on New Year's Eve.

Remember that FMC shows most films multiple times; search the schedule for alternate viewing times not listed here, as well as for the many other films being shown on FMC this month. FMC will also be showing Betty Grable musicals, film noir titles, Westerns, and a Shirley Temple marathon on Christmas Day.

Happy viewing!


Blogger DKoren said...

Sigh. Look at all those Tyrone Power movies I haven't seen that mostly aren't on DVD! I with the cable companies had packages that allowed you to pick ten channels, so I could just get what I wanted. Then I might be tempted to get tv again!

8:34 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Wouldn't it be nice to choose channels a la carte? :)

Best wishes,

9:59 PM  

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