Friday, December 31, 2010

Tonight's Movie: A Boyfriend for Christmas (2004)

A BOYFRIEND FOR CHRISTMAS is a pleasing holiday diversion starring Kelli Williams and Patrick Muldoon.

Holly (Williams) is lonely and tired of being pressured by her relatives about not being in a relationship. Holly's selfish ex-boyfriend Ted (Bruce Thomas of LEGALLY BLONDE) wants to get back together, but Holly's holding out for someone special...which Santa (Charles Durning) promised her when she was 12.

On Christmas morning Ryan (Muldoon) knocks on her door, saying he's her Christmas gift. Believing she was set up by a friend, Holly takes Ryan to her family's for Christmas and they hit it off in a big way. Turns out Ryan wasn't sent by Holly's friend, however...was he sent by Santa?

It sounds pretty goofy, but it plays more believably than it sounds. The film starts a bit slowly but moves up to full speed once Ryan knocks on Holly's door. The story's somewhat predictable, but in this crazy world, especially during the holiday season, sometimes "predictable" is just what's needed...something sweet and reassuring.

The actors carry off their roles well, with Durning doing a very nice job as the mysterious Santa Claus who's been watching over Holly for most of her life.

The three leads are well supported by Martin Mull as Holly's father and Erica Gimpel (FAME) as her coworker. The characters in a subplot involving Ryan's career do veer into cartoonish characitures, but fortunately they have limited screen time.

This film was directed by Kevin Connor. It runs 100 minutes.

This film is available on DVD.


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