Sunday, July 08, 2012

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the Internet...

...Blogathon news: The Best Hitchcock Movies (That Hitchcock Never Made) blogathon is now underway! More interesting blogathons are on the horizon: Classic Movie Man plans a Dana Andrews blogathon July 28th, and a Summer Under the Stars blogathon will be jointly sponsored by Sittin' On a Backyard Fence and ScribeHard on Film.

...While surfing the web, I came across an interesting 2010 interview with one of Ricardo Montalban's sons, Mark. I linked to an interview with Mark's sister Laura just last month.

...Director Martin Scorsese has given up shooting movies on film.

...At Shadows and Satin, Karen shares her pre-Code and film noir picks for TCM this month: Her film noir recommendation is NORA PRENTISS (1947), starring Ann Sheridan, and her pre-Code choice is A FREE SOUL (1931) with Norma Shearer. NORA PRENTISS is on July 12th, and A FREE SOUL is on July 17th. My 2009 take on NORA PRENTISS can be read here.

...NBC plans to air a live musical production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC. The air date and cast have not yet been announced.

...There's a new DVD out of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME (1932), starring Joel McCrea and Fay Wray, with a commentary by USC professor and RKO expert Richard Jewell. As far as I can tell this movie is only available on Blu-ray; does anyone know if it's also out on a standard DVD?

...Hugh Hewitt recently interviewed baseball announcing great Vin Scully; the transcript was posted on Hewitt's website. It's a wonderfully detailed interview, with Vinnie telling some marvelous stories of his childhood.

...Kim has a great photo-filled piece on Loretta Young and her fashion style at GlamAmor.

...There's a good discussion of Roy Rogers' Trucolor films at 50 Westerns From the 50s. Speaking of which, I was intrigued by this new DVD listing for a Rogers Trucolor film, SPRINGTIME IN THE SIERRAS (1947), which says it's "Restored in Original Color."

...New DVD reviews by Glenn Erickson at DVD Savant: STAND BY FOR ACTION (1942), a WWII film starring Robert Taylor, Charles Laughton, and Brian Donlevy, and JOHNNY GUITAR (1954), a Western with Joan Crawford, Sterling Hayden, Scott Brady, and the late Ernest Borgnine.

...More movie reviews: Colin on THE BOUNTY HUNTER (1954) with Randolph Scott, posted at Riding the High Country...Kevin on THE BIG COUNTRY (1958), starring Gregory Peck and many more, at Kevin's Movie Corner...and Judy on WUTHERING HEIGHTS (1939) at Movie Classics. Each of these posts has a nice discussion following in the comments section.

...Carrie has a short 1958 video at Classic Montgomery of Robert Montgomery accompanying President Eishenhower to the opening of NBC's new studio in Washington, D.C.

...The Film Noir Foundation recently posted video of Marsha Hunt being interviewed by Eddie Muller and Alan Rode at the Egyptian Theatre last May 6th, following a screening of MARY RYAN, DETECTIVE (1949). I'm so glad I was there to see it in person, and I encourage Marsha's many fans to check out the video.

...Notable Passings: Composer Richard Adler, who wrote PAJAMA GAME -- one of my favorite Broadway musical scores -- recently passed on at the age of 90...Former Mouseketeer Don Grady, a longtime star of MY THREE SONS, died on June 27th at the age of 68. The Los Angeles Times published an appreciation of the series by Robert Lloyd...As everyone must know by now, Andy Griffith passed away while I was on my recent vacation. Ron Howard shared his thoughts on Andy exclusively in the L.A. Times.

...Happiest wishes to Raquelle of Out of the Past and her new husband, Carlos. They were married yesterday!

Have a great week!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Laura. Kind of appropriate it's for The Bounty Hunter, which featured the late Ernest Borgnine.


11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the mention, Laura, and hope you had a good holiday. I'll enjoy exploring these links. Judy

12:04 PM  
Blogger James Corry said...

Laura, "The Most Dangerous Game" was released on S-DVD back in about 2001 by Criterion (BTW, isn't the Barnes & Noble sale on Criterion product coming up pretty soon?)....but, from what Glenn (Erickson) says, the blu-ray just blows the old S-DVD away.....


7:21 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

You're very welcome for the mention, Colin and Judy, and thanks so much for such interesting posts! I hope to watch THE BOUNTY HUNTER very soon, Colin.

Thanks for the MOST DANGEROUS GAME info, Brad. I'm especially interested in the new edition because it has a commentary by Rick Jewell, who I admire very much. I might get the new Blu-ray if it's the only version with Jewell's commentary, though I continue to make most of my purchases on standard DVD since I'm happy with "regular" DVD quality and it's much easier to share DVDs with family and friends who don't have Blu-ray players.

My dad just asked me about the B&N Criterion sale this morning! I looked it up on my blog a couple weeks ago and discovered that in both 2010 and 2011 the sale started around July 13th. So here's hoping we hear news about a sale in a few days -- I have a couple titles on my wish list!

Best wishes,

8:42 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Speaking of the Criterion sale at B&N, it started tonight!

Best wishes,

10:44 PM  

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