Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coming to DVD: Early Capra, Late Crawford, and Wilder Too!

Turner Classic Movies has some terrific releases ahead this fall in its TCM Vault Collection.

Frank Capra: The Early Collection will be out on September 27th.

The set will contain five films Capra directed at Columbia in the early '30s: LADIES OF LEISURE (1930), RAIN OR SHINE (1930), THE MIRACLE WOMAN (1931), FORBIDDEN (1932), and THE BITTER TEA OF GENERAL YEN (1933).

All of these films excepting RAIN OR SHINE star Barbara Stanwyck, so this set is also a great buy for Stanwyck's many fans.

The Capra set includes extensive extras including commentary tracks by Jeremy Arnold and one of my favorite film historians, the great Jeanine Basinger. There are also introductions by Martin Scorsese and Ron Howard, along with stills, posters, and lobby cards.

I remember hearing this set was in the works before the DVD market changed drastically a few years back, so I assume some of these extras were produced quite a while ago, and we're fortunate that they are going to be enjoyed at last thanks to the TCM Vault series.

Another interesting set, coming on November 5th, is Joan Crawford: In the 1950s.

The set includes four films: HARRIET CRAIG (1950), QUEEN BEE (1955), AUTUMN LEAVES (1956), and THE STORY OF ESTHER COSTELLO (1957).

Crawford's costars in these films include Wendell Corey, Barry Sullivan, Cliff Robertson, and Rossano Brazzi.

Extras include an introduction by TCM host Ben Mankiewicz, along with a photo gallery.

Incidentally, a '50s Crawford film I really liked, FEMALE ON THE BEACH (1955), was included in a TCM Vault set released earlier this year, Women in Danger - 1950s Thrillers. FEMALE ON THE BEACH costars Jeff Chandler. I purchased this set on sale last summer and look forward to checking out the other films in the collection!

Also coming soon from TCM, as mentioned in my August 26th link roundup: Directed by Billy Wilder.

Directed by Billy Wilder is a two-film set containing FIVE GRAVES TO CAIRO (1943), starring Franchot Tone and Anne Baxter, and A FOREIGN AFFAIR (1948). The latter film stars Jean Arthur, John Lund, and Marlene Dietrich.

Directed by Billy Wilder will be out October 15th.


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"Five Graves to Cairo"? Finally. Thanks so much for the announcement.

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