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Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the Internet...

...Turner Classic Movies is celebrating the channel's 20th anniversary with a free limited time movie locations tour in Los Angeles. The tours will take place March 14th to April 14th. TCM has been running movie location tours in New York for a few months now, but this will mark the first time they've sponsored tours in L.A. Tickets have been going quickly, but if there are any left, book here. I'm happy to say that I have a ticket for the very first tour on March 14th and I'll be reporting on it here!

...My latest article for ClassicFlix is on Loretta Young, including DVD recommendations for several of Young's best films.

...The Academy always manages to leave someone important out of their "In Memoriam" tribute reel, and this year it was the great Audrey Totter. I paid tribute to Audrey at the time of her passing last December. It's a shame the Academy continues to demonstrate it's not really serious about the industry's great past, it's only serious about "who's cool now" and of course TV ratings.

...Vienna called my attention to the 2005 book GLORIOUS TECHNICOLOR: THE MOVIES' MAGIC RAINBOW by Fred E. Basten. Want to check this one out!

...Judy has a thoughtful post on Douglas Sirk's ALL I DESIRE (1953) at Movie Classics. You can also check out my take on the film back in 2010. The film is part of the Barbara Stanwyck Collection.

...Last weekend I reviewed THE WIND RISES (2013), the excellent new animated film from Hiyao Miyazaki now being released in the United States. Coming in April: THE ART OF THE WIND RISES.

...Jacqueline's latest Ann Blyth post at Another Old Movie Blog is on ANOTHER PART OF THE FOREST (1948), a prequel to THE LITTLE FOXES (1941). I haven't yet seen the film but I really enjoyed Jacqueline's in-depth analysis of the characters and their interactions. Edmond O'Brien and Dan Duryea costar. This Universal film needs to come out on DVD!

...In recent years I've read a few negative things here and there on GIGI (1958) which show that the writers were in front of a movie screen but didn't actually see the movie, to paraphrase one of the comments at the Self-Styled Siren's blog. The Siren launches a full-throated defense of this lovely film. My only quibble is her slight dig at Charles Walters, who did a seamless job on retakes.

...An interesting new book, especially for someone such as myself who's a big fan of MAVERICK: ROY HUGGINS: CREATOR OF MAVERICK, 77 SUNSET STRIP, THE FUGITIVE and THE ROCKFORD FILES by Paul Green. It was just published by McFarland Press. Huggins, incidentally, was married to actress Adele Mara.

...I just received the new Criterion edition of my favorite Hitchcock film, FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT (1940). Looks like it has lots of great extras! Glenn Erickson, Mike Clark, and Leonard Maltin review the film and new release.

...Glenn Erickson also enjoyed JUPITER'S DARLING (1955), an Esther Williams musical released last year by the Warner Archive. It's always been one of my younger daughter's favorite Esther films.

...I really want to see Joan Fontaine and Burt Lancaster in KISS THE BLOOD OFF MY HANDS (1948), reviewed by Marilyn at Ferdy on Films.

...The Favorite Discoveries posts at Rupert Pupkin Speaks are always fun reading. The latest list by that blog's proprietor has a number of titles I've really enjoyed as well as good ideas for future viewing.

...The latest reviews and discussions at Riding the High Country are on Gary Cooper in THE HANGING TREE (1959) and Robert Taylor in THE HOUSE OF THE SEVEN HAWKS (1959).

...This week's YouTube find: BUCK BENNY RIDES AGAIN (1940), starring Jack Benny, Ellen Drew, and an amazing cast. This film is fondly recalled by a relative, and I hope to check it out soon. As always, remember that films tend to disappear quickly from the internet so anyone interested should check it out without delay.

...Thoughts on the films of 1948 from MC at Happy Thoughts, Darling.

...There are a lot of great blogathons coming up! A few are listed at Movies Silently.

...Stephen Tobolowsky, who played obnoxious insurance salesman Ned Ryerson in GROUNDHOG DAY (1993), wrote a warm tribute to the movie's late director, Harold Ramis.

...Coming in the next few days: a review of MAJESTIC HOLLYWOOD: THE GREATEST FILMS OF 1939 by Mark Vieira. Lined up for review in future weeks: VIVIEN LEIGH: A BIOGRAPHY by Kendra Bean and THE CRIME FILMS OF ANTHONY MANN by Max Alvarez.

Have a great week!


Blogger Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Thanks for the mention. I'd be interested to read your report of the TCM LA tour. I was offered a chance to take the NYC tour, but declined, partly because I just couldn't fit it in, and partly because I'd read that a lot of the stops on the tour were related to modern films. (Anything after 1965 to me is modern.) I wonder if the LA tour will have much (if anything) that is left of the Golden Age of Hollywood, or if it will focus on the modern film industry. Do you know the itinerary?

12:33 PM  
Blogger Caftan Woman said...

A book about Roy Huggins? Hooray!

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the double mention Laura. And I enjoyed that link to the piece on Kiss the Blood Off My Hands.


1:52 PM  
Blogger Irene said...

I usually read your blog in the morning but today I was so busy I only just got to it. Unfortunately the 4 different dates I would have been able to do the Hollywood location tours are all gone already :(. Looks like a super tour.

5:42 PM  
Blogger Crocheted Lace said...

'Buck Benny Rides Again' is my favorite Jack Benny movie! I recorded it on VHS from American Movie Classics back when AMC was nothing but great old movies and ad free. It's one of my most treasured video tapes.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the mention of my book review.
I look forward to reading your review of the new Anthony Mann book - and the Roy Huggins book if you get that one.
I've just purchased a second hand copy of "Warner Brothers Directors". Looks good.

7:54 AM  
Blogger mel said...

Many thanks for the tip about Buck Benny Rides Again on YouTube.

I've just finished watching it, and I loved every minute!

11:07 AM  
Blogger Judy said...

Laura, thanks so much for the mention. I've just been over to read your review of 'All I Desire', which I enjoyed a lot - I was also pleased to learn that the great piece about the film at Bright Lights, which I thought was anonymous, is actually by one of my favourite critics, Jeanine Basinger! I'd failed to spot her tiny byline at the bottom. Will now go back to my piece and acknowledge her!

11:38 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks to you all so much for your comments! It's been a hectic week so I'm a bit late in reply, my apologies! I've enjoyed each comment as it came in.

Jacqueline, the information on the L.A. TCM tour definitely focuses on my "recent" titles -- however, the locations themselves, such as Union Station and the Bradbury Building, are known to me from countless "old" titles so I'll enjoy it anyway if if they don't discuss titles such as CRISS CROSS, CRY DANGER, or I, THE JURY. :)

BTW I definitely agree that 1965 is a "dividing line" in movie history!

Caftan Woman, I've put the Huggins book on my wish list!

You're so welcome, Colin, and I'm glad you enjoyed that link! KISS THE BLOOD OFF MY HANDS (what a title!) looks really interesting.

Irene, I'm so sorry you couldn't get a ticket! The first time I tried they were all gone but then the next day more slots opened up.

Crocheted Lace and Mel, I love hearing the praise for BUCK BENNY RIDES AGAIN! Benny tickles my funnybone and the cast is great, I'm really looking forward to it. (Ah, the late, lamented days of commercial free AMC, Crocheted Lace...I still have a Beta tape oi their broadcast of SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIES from around here somewhere...)

Vienna, the book you reviewed looks terrific. Is the WARNER BROTHERS DIRECTORS book you got the one that came out many years back? I have that too, and enjoyed it.

Judy, when I read your piece I'd completely forgotten that I'd linked to the same Bright Lights piece -- I'm delighted that I happened to have noticed Basinger's name so you'd have that info too. I have loved her writing on film since the Pyramid Illustrated History of the Movies series I collected as a teenager. She's great!

Best wishes,

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laura, that WARNER BROTHERS DIRECTORS book came out in 1978 and is by William Meyer.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Yes, that's the book I have! Enjoy! :)

Best wishes,

1:33 PM  

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