Monday, July 21, 2014

Hollywood Exiles in Europe Opens Friday at UCLA

A new film series, Hollywood Exiles in Europe, opens at UCLA's Billy Wilder Theater this Friday evening, July 25th.

The series features work by filmmakers who left Hollywood due to the blacklist, including Cy Endfield, Joseph Losey, and Jules Dassin.

The series was co-curated by Rebecca Prime, author of the recent book HOLLYWOOD EXILES IN EUROPE: THE BLACKLIST AND COLD WAR FILM CULTURE. The book was published by Rutgers University Press.

I am planning to be there on Saturday, July 26th, to see two films directed by Jules Dassin, a double bill of RIFIFI (1955), also known as DU RIFIFI CHEZ LES HOMMES, starring Jean Servais, and NIGHT AND THE CITY (1955), with Richard Widmark and Gene Tierney. (Update: Please visit my reviews of RIFIFI and NIGHT AND THE CITY.)

I might also return on August 1st when the Film Noir Foundation's Alan K. Rode introduces a pair of Cy Endfield films, the fantastic HELL DRIVERS (1957) plus Arthur Kennedy I've never seen, IMPULSE (1954).

The series continues through August 17th. Visit the UCLA website for the complete schedule.

A related series, Exile Noir, opens at UCLA in late August with an absolutely fantastic lineup. I'll share more about that series next month.

Finally, I want to call attention to a film noir double feature this Saturday night at the Alex Theatre in Glendale. Alan K. Rode of the Film Noir Foundation will be presenting GUN CRAZY (1950) and THE LINEUP (1958).

I enjoyed attending the Loretta Young Centennial Tribute at the Alex Theatre earlier this year. This Saturday night's double feature should be a very enjoyable event. We're fortunate to have so many options to see classic films on the big screen in the Greater Los Angeles area!


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