Monday, September 01, 2014

The Big Picture: Hitchcock! at the Hollywood Bowl

One of the special things we've enjoyed this Labor Day weekend was a concert last evening at the Hollywood Bowl.

David Newman conducted the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra in the concert The Big Picture: Hitchcock!, which was hosted by NORTH BY NORTHWEST star Eva Marie Saint.

Rather than a traditional Bowl picnic, we decided to check out a local restaurant and upon arrival decided on 25 Degrees, the excellent burger place just off the lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard.

When walking from dinner up to the Hollywood Bowl, we passed the Magic Castle. The Castle was built using the same plans as Kimberly Crest, an estate in Redlands where I had a college internship. The plans were just flipped backwards for the Magic Castle!

We parked at the Hollywood and Highland Center, which is a better deal than Bowl parking lots. It's roughly a 15-minute walk up Highland to the Bowl.

Once one arrives at the Bowl, it's another ten or fifteen minutes of walking up hills and escalators -- at least if you're sitting high up, as we were! Upon arrival, however, the spectacular view of the Hollywood Bowl never fails to disappoint:

A closeup of the Hollywood sign beyond the Bowl shell:

It was fun that Lindsay was able to sit with our family for the concert! Although we didn't run into them, a couple other bloggers or Tweeters were in attendance, scattered around the Bowl.

The concert program included music by Tiomkin, Newman, Waxman, Rozsa, and Herrmann:

Eva Marie Saint was a wonderful hostess. She seemed to be having a wonderful time! You would never dream that that energetic, quick-witted lady just turned 90 on Independence Day.

What a joy to spend the evening with Eva Marie, listening to great music as we watched classic Hitchcock film clips! As Lindsay Tweeted, Saint is "The. Best."

You'd never know it, but Eva Marie's on stage down there, toward the left!

There are times I feel especially fortunate to live in Southern California, and last night's concert was one of them!

Previously: Turner Classic Movies at the Hollywood Bowl (September 6, 2010).

September 3 Update: Here's an overview of the evening from the Film Music Society.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds fabulous and thanks for all the wonderful pictures.

12:14 AM  
Blogger Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

I really envy you this experience. Attending a Hollywood Bowl concert is on my list of things to do. What a great program. Thanks for sharing.

5:10 AM  

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