Friday, May 01, 2015

Today at Disneyland: Feels Like Summer

It was in the high 80s on a beautiful visit to Disneyland this afternoon. Click any photo below to enlarge for a closer look.

Due to attending film festivals, I haven't been able to spend much time in the parks the last few weeks, so it was wonderful to spend a few hours unwinding there today!

As can be seen here, it was a lovely day with gorgeous blue skies. Here are the flowers at Town Square...

...and the flowers around the "Partners" statue at the Hub:

Sleeping Beauty Castle is all spruced up for the 60th Anniversary celebration which begins in a few more weeks!

A slightly different angle of the Castle, showing off more of its Diamond Anniversary "bling":

Spring flowers near Fantasy Faire, looking toward the direction of the Castle:

And Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree!

A couple of rides, a visit with the goats at Big Thunder Ranch, a nice lunch at Rancho Del Zocalo...all added up to a great relaxing afternoon!


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