Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Tonight's Movie: Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Recipe (2016)

MURDER, SHE BAKED: A DEADLY RECIPE (2016) is the fourth film in a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel series based on novels by Joanne Fluke.

MURDER, SHE BAKED: A DEADLY RECIPE follows MURDER, SHE BAKED: A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE MYSTERY (2015), MURDER, SHE BAKED: A PLUM PUDDING MYSTERY (2015), and MURDER, SHE BAKED: A PEACH COBBLER MYSTERY (2016). At this point I'm unaware of plans for a fifth film, and I very much hope there will be more.

In A DEADLY RECIPE bakery owner Hannah Swensen (Alison Sweeney) discovers Eden Lake's Sheriff Jim Grant (Ty Olsson) dead in the street. He'd just been eating a chocolate cupcake she made, too...

Ripples from the murder impact many people in the community, including Hannah's pregnant sister Andrea (Lisa Durupt), whose police officer husband Bill (Toby Levine) is seen on surveillance video near the murder scene.

Hannah helps police detective Mike (Cameron Mathison), who always worries about Hannah's safety when she involves herself in murder investigations -- but he has to admit she's helpful!

In turn Hannah is assisted in her sleuthing by devoted dentist Norman (Gabriel Hogan), who is always ready for adventure with Hannah. Each of the men is romantically interested in Hannah, but she's taking things very slowly. It's not hard to see why she's having trouble making up her mind, as both men are great catches.

A DEADLY RECIPE is another "warm and cozy" small town mystery filled with engaging recurring characters. Time in Eden Lake is always time well spent. I suspect my readers who are classic film fans, particularly those who share my liking for "B" detective film series, would enjoy these movies as well.

My one quibble with the film: I found it strange that Hannah's bakery looked completely different, sleeker and not as charming.

MURDER, SHE BAKED: A DEADLY RECIPE was directed by Kristoffer Tabori, who also worked on the previous two films in the series. It was filmed by Adam Sliwinski.

Look for this movie to air again in the future on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel.


Blogger Lee R. said...

Thanks to you I seeked out these movies on Hallmark. Luckily that particular week all of them were being shown in a Marathon. Hallmark seems to show these movies all together a lot. Anyway I recorded them and have watched the first in the series. Like you I found it totally enjoyable and fun. The Christmas themed movie I'm saving for next month. I hope to see the second of the series some Sunday this month. Thanks for pointing out this wonderful movies series, I like mystery movies anyway so this is right up me alley. By the way, believe it or not I had never seen the "Poirot" series before last year. I started watching this series on DVD and it is REALLY excellent. Excellent writing and it also does what I like, mixes humor in with the mystery. My 3 favorite mystery TV shows are Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes, the Nero Wolfe series A&E ran (all too briefly) and now Poirot. The writing in the Murder She Baked series doesn't come close to the quality writing of these 3 shows, but it is nevertheless fun to watch.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Lee, thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts on MURDER, SHE BAKED. It's always gratifying when I hear that someone has tried something I recommended -- and more importantly, enjoyed it! I appreciate you taking the time to add your positive response. Hopefully others will try the series as well!

P.S. We have a shelf full of the Jeremy Brett SHERLOCK HOLMES series -- one of my husband's all-time favorite shows.

Best wishes,

1:33 PM  

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