Friday, February 24, 2017

Tonight's Movie: The Gourmet Detective: A Healthy Place to Die (2015)

Last night I reviewed THE GOURMET DETECTIVE (2015), the first film in a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries series.

Dylan Neal stars as celebrity chef Henry Ross, with Brooke Burns costarring as San Francisco Police Detective Maggie Price.

THE GOURMET DETECTIVE: A HEALTHY PLACE TO DIE (2015) is the second TV-movie in the series, and I found it as engaging as the first.

Henry is scheduled to give a presentation at a cooking conference at a luxury resort, and when his assistant Lucy (Shannon Chan-Kent) has to cancel out of using her suite, Henry offers it to Maggie when her boss (Samantha Ferris) insists she take a vacation.

No one will be surprised that someone attending the conference ends up dead, and Maggie and Henry are soon on the case.

Matthew Kevin Anderson and Marc Senior return as Maggie's colleagues on the force, with Christine Willes as her mom and Ali Skovbye as her daughter.

Suspects in the murder include Hallmark Channel regulars Brendan Penny (CHESAPEAKE SHORES) and Crystal Lowe (SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED).

I found this film quite enjoyable. Henry and Maggie still bicker, but their relationship has also become warmer, as they each continue to learn to appreciate one another. The supporting regulars are all charming, and the "foodie" background is a real plus.

THE GOURMET DETECTIVE was directed by Scott Smith. Lead actor Dylan Neal cowrote the script with two partners; Neal was also an executive producer.

Up next in the series: DEATH AL DENTE: A GOURMET DETECTIVE MYSTERY (2016). Another title will air sometime in 2017.


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