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TCM Star of the Month: Ronald Colman

Ronald Colman is the July Star of the Month on Turner Classic Movies.

22 Colman films are on this month's schedule, airing on Thursday evenings. The lineup includes three TCM premieres on July 13th.

The Colman series begins on Thursday evening, July 6th, with a pair of silent films, THE WHITE SISTER (1923) with Lillian Gish and THE WINNING OF BARBARA WORTH (1926) with Vilma Banky and Gary Cooper. BARBARA WORTH was one of my favorite discoveries of 2014, and I highly recommend it.

BULLDOG DRUMMOND (1929), costarring Joan Bennett, was disappointing to me, but RAFFLES (1930) with Kay Francis is a lot of fun. THE DEVIL TO PAY! (1930), with a very young Loretta Young, is a bit creaky but enjoyable.

The evening ends with CYNARA (1932), another Kay Francis film, and ARROWSMITH (1931) with Myrna Loy and Helen Hayes.

On July 13th the evening begins with one of my favorite Colman films, LOST HORIZON (1937), directed by Frank Capra. My first viewing of that film was as a teenager at L.A.'s Vagabond Theater, and it made a huge impression. The actors, story, sets, and Dimitri Tiomkin music combined for a profoundly moving experience.

LOST HORIZON is followed by IF I WERE KING (1938), costarring Frances Dee and Basil Rathbone, and then three TCM premieres in a row. They are: CLIVE OF INDIA (1935) with Loretta Young; THE LIGHT THAT FAILED (1939) with Ida Lupino; and THE MAN WHO BROKE THE BANK AT MONTE CARLO (1935) with Joan Bennett. Can't wait!

On July 20th the night kicks off with a pair of Colman classics, A TALE OF TWO CITIES (1935) and THE PRISONER OF ZENDA (1937). I can't recommend the latter film highly enough. You also get Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (with Colman at left) at his very best, and an amazing cast including Madeleine Carroll, Mary Astor, Raymond Massey, and David Niven.

The evening continues with a non-musical version of KISMET (1944), costarring Marlene Dietrich; LUCKY PARTNERS (1940) with Ginger Rogers; and MY LIFE WITH CAROLINE (1941) costarring Anna Lee.

The series wraps up on July 27th with Colman's Oscar-winning performance in A DOUBLE LIFE (1947), followed by what is many film fans' favorite Colman film, RANDOM HARVEST (1942). Colman's teaming with Greer Garson in the latter film is beyond perfect, and it's my favorite of his films along with LOST HORIZON and THE PRISONER OF ZENDA. Anyone new to Colman's work should make it a point to see that trio of films; enjoyment is 100 percent guaranteed..

The final films of the evening are THE TALK OF THE TOWN (1942) costarring Cary Grant and Jean Arthur, THE LATE GEORGE APLEY (1947) with Vanesa Brown, and THE STORY OF MANKIND (1957).

For more on TCM in July 2017, please visit TCM in July: Highlights or visit the complete schedule.


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