Saturday, November 14, 2020

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the internet... 

...The Warner Archive Collection has announced several excellent Blu-ray releases which are due out before the end of the year, including Tex Avery Screwball Classics Volume 2, THE HARVEY GIRLS (1946), MISTER ROBERTS (1955), and Christmas perennials THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER (1940), IT HAPPENED ON FIFTH AVENUE (1947), and HOLIDAY AFFAIR (1949).

...Interesting releases from Australia's Via Vision label: The Alan Ladd Collection, Volume One and Volume 2.  Titles include lesser-seen Ladd films such as RED MOUNTAIN (1951), THUNDER IN THE EAST (1952), THE RED BERET (1953), THE BLACK KNIGHT (1954), and 13 WEST STREET (1962). I'd love to see Region 1 releases of these titles in the U.S.

...Tower Records has been resurrected as a website selling CDs, LPs, and cassettes (!).

...Norman Lloyd turned 106 a few days ago! Variety paid tribute, quoting Karl Malden in its headline: "He is the history of our industry."

...Here's Chris Nichols on Southern California's Thrifty Ice Cream for Los Angeles Magazine. I have fond memories of my grandfather buying me ice cream cones at Thrifty.  I linked to another article on Thrifty in a 2018 roundup.

...A few days ago Jessica Pickens reviewed one of my favorite Deanna Durbin films, THE AMAZING MRS. HOLLIDAY (1943), at her blog Comet Over Hollywood.  My 2008 review is here.

...More Bob Hope films are on the way to Blu-ray from Kino Lorber in 2021: CAUGHT IN THE DRAFT (1941), costarring Dorothy Lamour, and MY FAVORITE BLONDE (1942), costarring Madeleine Carroll, will be released on March 2nd.  CAUGHT IN THE DRAFT will have a commentary by Michael Schlesinger and Stan Taffel, while MY FAVORITE BLONDE will have a track by Samm Deighan.

...Also coming from Kino Lorber in 2021, on a date to be announced later: THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (1923) starring Lon Chaney. 

...Will WONDER WOMAN 1984 (2020) keep its Christmas Day theatrical premiere date?  I'm guessing probably not.  It will potentially be bumped back to Summer 2021 or make a streaming debut on HBO Max.  I'd be very surprised if the streaming option were chosen for a film which is anticipated to be a box office blockbuster.  Theaters will need movies like WONDER WOMAN 1984 when they're ready to operate more "normally" in the future.

...Last week new photos were released from the upcoming Disney+/Marvel TV series WANDAVISION, along with the announcement of a January 15th premiere date. That "drop date" is a slight delay, as the series was originally anticipated to air before the end of 2020. It was intriguing to learn that at least some of the show, which incorporates tributes to classic television sitcoms, was filmed before a live studio audience. Elizabeth Olsen (seen here) and Paul Bettany star.

...The legendary Vin Scully will narrate a documentary about the Dodgers' World Series win.  It will be available on DVD and Blu-ray December 8th.  It's in my Amazon shopping cart ready to go!

...Raquel Stecher recommends film noir titles for "Noirvember" at the DVD Netflix site.

...It's the time of year for 'round the clock Hallmark Christmas movies! This year they're appreciated more than ever.  This 2019 post contains links to 15 of my reviews of Hallmark Christmas movies for easy reference, along with a link for one Netflix Christmas film.

...Attention Southern Californians: Retroformat Silent Films is teaming with the new drive-in theater behind the American Legion's Post 43 in Hollywood to screen Harold Lloyd's THE FRESHMAN (1925) on November 28th. Harold Lloyd's granddaughter Suzanne will host the event, with live musical accompaniment by Cliff Retallick.  Tickets include popcorn and candy provided for each car. This should be a lot of fun! Tickets may be purchased here.

 ...Notable Passings: I was sad to hear that JEOPARDY! host Alex Trebek passed on on November 8th due to pancreatic cancer. He was 80. I was fortunate to see him in "Club TCM" at the 2013 TCM Classic Film Festival...SCOOBY-DOO cocreator Ken Spears has died at 82...Actor John Fraser has passed away at 89. His films included THE DAM BUSTERS (1955), EL CID (1961), and the Disney TV-movie THE HORSEMASTERS (1961).

...For additional recent links of interest to classic film fans, please check out my November 7th roundup.

Have a great week!


Blogger Caftan Woman said...

Of course the Dodgers DVD is in your cart ready to go! We would expect nothing less.

5:57 AM  
Blogger Irene said...

I am so looking forward to Wanda Vision. I only just tumbled to the fact that Elizabeth Olsen is the younger sister of the Olsen twins!!! I watched the latest episode of the Mandalorian yesterday and Bryce Dallas Howard once again hits it out of the ballpark! Loved her tribute to her Dad's film, Apollo 13 :) Also there was a lot that reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean.

8:45 AM  
Blogger gscarfe said...

More Tex Avery on Blu-Ray? Yes, please!

4:36 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks, Caftan Woman! :)

I've been impressed with Howard's work on THE MANDALORIAN, Irene. Saw a suggestion that she direct a SOLO sequel -- I like the idea! I see what you mean about the PIRATES touches.

Looking forward to the new Tex Avery set!

Best wishes,

11:08 PM  

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