Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Bolton Playbook

I'm glad to see Arlen Specter threatening that the Senate's summer recess may need to be cut short in order to start Roberts' confirmation hearings if the Democrats won't agree to vote before the October term starts. The Democrats, of course, will always want more documents than they've been given, and I suspect the "Bolton Playbook" is very much in operation: keep asking for more documents, always moving the goalposts, and delay, delay, delay.

Update: The Washington Times reports that 75,000 pages of documents will apparently not satisfy the Democrats, who continue to demand out-of-bounds privileged documents. This ploy may have worked to delay or end the Bolton and Estrada nominations, but it's past time for Senate Republicans to call an end to the game and ensure that we will finally have a timely vote.


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