Monday, December 19, 2005

Pendulum Swinging Back to the President?

John McIntyre thinks the Democrats have dug themselves into a deep hole and don't yet realize "the political ground [has] shifted beneath their feet."

This article ties in with an interesting theory Rush Limbaugh shared on this radio show today, that the reason Congressional approval ratings are low is that the media "face" of Congress is Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Thus, the public is reacting negatively to Democrats, not Republicans, though Republicans hold the Congressional majority.

Both Rush and McIntyre believe, in essence, that the Democrats are treading very dangerous water by continuing to publicly pound away on their anti-war, anti-Bush positions and that it won't play well with the electorate over the long term.

Update: James Taranto has more in his "Best of the Web" column at Opinion Journal.


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