Saturday, December 17, 2005

The President Strikes Back

President Bush has spoken strongly today against the manufactured "scandal" of this week regarding wiretapping, and pointed out that not only is leaking classified information illegal, but Congress has been informed about the so-called "secret" wiretapping on at least 10 different occasions.

Power Line has had several excellent posts over the last couple days including here and here.

Captain's Quarters has a must-read about the New York Times' manipulation of the story, which it's been sitting on for the last year.

As usual, Michelle Malkin has an exhaustive roundup of links on the subject. (Scroll down to yesterday's headline RED ALERT: CHICKEN LITTLES ON THE LOOSE.) Of particular note is a quote from Mark Levin on the damage these kinds of leaks do to national security.

The Democrats and many in the media seem bound and determined to lead us down the road to another attack -- which of course they will then blame on the President.


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