Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Alito Hearings: Day 2 in Review

Ed Whelan at Bench Memos (linked above) says, "It was a great day for Judge Alito...In a single day, the Democrats' feeble wall of lies collapsed."

Holy Coast points out that bloggers serve as instant fact-checkers. A case in point, also discussed by Hugh Hewitt: Joe Biden's lies about Princeton. Radio Blogger has the incriminating transcript of Biden's 2004 speech at Princeton, in which his statements contrast sharply with what he said today.

The American Spectator Blog rumors that the Democrats know it's not going well and have told Chairman Specter they're willing to cancel a third day of questions for Judge Alito.

Captain's Quarters captures one of the day's best soundbites.

SCOTUS Blog live blogged much of the day's testimony. The work was divided between SCOTUS Blog's regular contributors and students at Stanford and Harvard.

Real Clear Politics Blog has an interesting email from a reader who says one reason Alito can't be Borked is the public's education on the issue of judges in the intervening years. He mentions Mark Levin's MEN IN BLACK being a best seller as one example.

More at The Corner, Confirm Them, and Power Line, where Scott Johnson wrote: "Inside the hearing room this afternoon, the momentum in favor of Judge Alito seemed palpable. The Republicans know that the Democrats are playing a losing hand, and the Democrats know it as well."


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