Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Captain Ed and the Canadian Election

Dave Kopel points out that while the American media has been busy chasing the supposed scandal about the U.S. security program, it's had no problem ignoring very real corruption in the government north of the border.

Information on the hearings into the liberal government's money laundering and kickbacks was censored in the Canadian press, but was published on the Internet by Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters. Without Captain Ed, the liberals might still be in control of the Canadian Parliament.

As Kopel writes: "It would have been possible for an American newspaper Web site to have given Canadian readers the same information that Captain's Quarters did. When the newspapers failed to act, Captain's Quarters showed that bloggers can do more than just critique; they can report suppressed news and change the course of history."

I would add that this isn't the first election where bloggers played a critical role. Without the Internet, CBS might have succeeded in its attempted smear of the President regarding his National Guard service.

(Hat tip: Michael Barone.)


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