Sunday, January 22, 2006

Monday Night on PBS: John and Abigail Adams

Monday evening, January 23rd, there is a two-hour program on John and Abigail Adams airing on public television's AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. The film will draw heavily from the Adamses' correspondence. It should be quite interesting for anyone who loves American history and biographies. I plan to tape it and use it to supplement my children's history lessons.

(Hat tip: Mrs. Happy Housewife.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laura, every PBS station has a different broadcast schedule, so we've not seen this yet.

I tend to distance myself from ANY contemporary history material on TV today. PBS is always questionable.

It's a matter of PC. The bias is sometimes subtle, often not. Sometime it's in your face.

I have an older friend who takes it all in, and, as a result, will come out with the most astonishing pronouncements. "Did you know (some respected figure) actually had this Vice? Or Shakespeare was a woman? Or, say, the Chinese found America first." (actually a TV statement lately)

History is too precious a subject to be (usually) taken from the TV set.

I have the McCullough book (John Adams) but haven't started it yet. McCullough has been featured in live talks on CSPAN (A GREAT source of book knowledge). I like him and where he comes from intellectually, politically.

9:10 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

You raise a valid point about PBS -- it's good to approach with caution. That said, I've heard a couple good things about this particular program so I am hopeful it will be of value :). (I'm taping it to watch later in the week.)

I'm about half through McCullough's book -- he's a wonderful storyteller, and I've also been impressed with things I've read about him as a person.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I enjoyed your thoughts! Best wishes, Laura

9:17 PM  

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