Monday, February 13, 2006

Fishing Not Luring Young

It seems that fishing's slow pace can't compete with computer games. Fishing is said to be seen by many youngsters as "boring."

Hmmm...I know in our case the only reason our oldest son doesn't fish more than on our summer camping trips is because there aren't any freshwater streams or lakes immediately available! Could it be that the need to spend several hours on the road for freshwater fishing is a culprit?

Our young teenage son loves computer games, but there is nothing he loves more than our annual week in the Eastern High Sierras, where he spends hours clambering up and down a stream fishing for Rainbow Trout. He rises at dawn with the dedicated longtime fishermen and is usually one of the last to leave the creek at dusk. He's even learned to clean them himself! He takes pride in being able to provide "dinner" for the entire family. (The rest of the family likes to fish, but not with his dedication.)

We've also noticed how generous experienced fishermen are sharing their time and experience and passing on tips to the kids along the creek. One year our son even came home with a stack of Field and Stream magazines donated by the fisherman in the next campsite. :) Fishing has been a positive experience in his life, and it's a shame if more kids aren't able to enjoy the same.


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