Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fox News Not Acceptable to Mainstream Media

Sure enough, the media couldn't wait to sneer about Vice President Cheney giving a sit-down interview on the hunting accident to Brit Hume of Fox News Channel.

Brent Baker of NewsBusters has a roundup of the snide reactions from members of the MSM.

Radio Blogger has the transcript of the rather appalling interview with Jack Cafferty of CNN, wherein he repeatedly referred to Fox News Channel as the "F-word network" and to Brit Hume and Vice President Cheney as Bonnie and Clyde.

Of course, none of the other networks want to mention that one reason the Vice President might have gone to Fox is their high ratings (grin). And is there honestly a more respected network news anchor than Brit Hume, with decades of Washington experience?

Hugh Hewitt notes: "The Veep went on the most watched network likely to give his interview a complete airing."

Michelle Malkin has a new column today, American Clown Journalism 101.


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